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  1. I am searching for a 2-way power seat switch for the 1959, 1960, 1961 bucket seats that had the metal trim on the base. I believe that the 2-way switch used for those buckets may have been identical to the switch used for 1966, 1967, 1968, and 1969 bench seats equipped with the 2-way power seat. The first photo is the bucket seat that I have which is missing the 2-way switch. The second photo is from an eBay auction where they believe the seat trim is from a 1966-69 GM car. The third photo is a pic I found with a switch installed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  2. What is the online Group Code for the Renaissance Allentown Hotel? The hotel's website says the Group Code must be 7 characters. Thanks.
  3. What is the online Group Code for the Renaissance Allentown Hotel? The hotel's website says the Group Code must be 7 characters. Thanks.
  4. You should also post this in the Buick Club Forum. Here is the link to its Buy/Sell forum: . Do you have any photos of the car to share? That will also help spark interest.
  5. Does anyone from Pennsylvania have experience with registering/titling a pre-1973 automobile that was previously registered in New York? Specifically, the automobile has the TRANSFERABLE "New York Registration Document" but no title because New York does not issue titles for automobiles prior to the 1973 model year.
  6. Just thought I would share this. I would definitely want to restore the car, but to each his own.
  7. Mitch, your points are very valid. I really do appreciate you recommending the thorough approach. What can I say? I am swayed by a tinge of laziness and also instant gratification of a wishful easy solution. I wish I could say that I am a product of a young, new generation, but I am almost 50. No good excuses.
  8. Thank you John. I may get into all of the suggestions this weekend.
  9. Mitch, I have never had the battery die on me. I am not proud to say that I let the Buick sit from December 2011 until April 2013 without ever starting it, but when I did crank it, the car started with no problem. I would think that any issues with the batter would have surfaced when attempting to start the car after 15 months of not a single crank and no battery charger on the battery. Am I over-simplifying the definition of a good vs. bad battery? Thoughts?
  10. I will most definitely need to test things one-by-one. (1) I know it is not a problem with the battery itself -- after sitting a month (and even longer), the car starts without requiring any assistance (i.e. jumper cables or charge). (2) Once started, I have driven the car a number of times for distances of 40 to 60 miles with no problem whatsoever (even going at highway speeds). (3) When I complete a drive that has had the car warmed up and driven with no problem is when the issue occurs. The issue happens once I turn off the car and try to start it again. It just "clicks". Once I let the car sit for a while and presumably let it cool off, the car starts with no problem at all.
  11. John, John, and Marty: Thank you for the suggestions. I will have to try all of them and see it it corrects things.
  12. My 1960 Buick starts just fine when cold - even after sitting for a month or more. The problem I have is that after it has been driven and the engine is warmed-up or hot. An example is yesterday when I started the car for the first time in probably a month. There was no problem. I drove it an hour to my parents' home and parked it. I took a few photos and decided I wanted to move it after no more than 5 minutes. I go to start it, and all I hear are clicking sounds (no engine turn at all). I waited about an hour after it had cooled down, and it started with no hesitation. Any thoughts on this? Thanks. Jonathan
  13. Mike, I ended up buying a 15" generic braided ground strap from Advanced Auto, and I cut it to size while leaving the 5/16" terminal end in place. I then went to NAPA and bought a 1/2" ring terminal that I was able to crimp onto the shortened strap. That was the quick fix. As far as getting a correct replacement, I am going to go with YNZ Yesterdays Parts ( YnZs Yesterdays Parts | Classic, Antique and Custom Auto Wiring Harness | (909)798-1498 ). They will custom-make the ground straps with the proper length and rings. Jonathan
  14. Ben, You will see from my activity on the forum that I typically post when either being informative to others or requesting information. I was merely trying to obtain information that I thought might be readily available so I could make an informed, precise parts purchase that would allow me to remove and immediately replace the ground straps without having the car inoperable and waiting for a part to be delivered. Now that I "have done in the first place!!!" as you would have done, I have a car in the driveway that I can not use. I have to order the correct strap and connections online. Jonathan