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  1. I've seen countless anecdotes about Irish Spring, or Bounce, or what-have-you over the years. I finally did some research and found some decent experiments what were performed with controls that debunked the usage of these items. They don't really work very well. They also tested peppermint oil, and it actually turned out to work pretty well. Of course, it'll need freshening up to maintain adequate potency.
  2. Sometimes abrading rubber is challenging, and can really mar the surface up (in addition to stinking the place up). As mentioned, chilling it helps quite a bit, but only lasts so long. Razors cut great and leave a nice surface behind, but I'm sure I don't have to point out what a bad idea that would be with a drill press. Catching an edge would be inevitable. I do wonder if turning on a wood lathe would be feasible if it were chilled adequately, or if it would just want to catch an edge. One thing I'd be tempted to try is a really sharp hand plane against the rubber while it sp
  3. I'd also assume you'll just have to patch/repair/fabricate. Have you watched ole Fitzee at work? He dives into repairing floor supports like that a bit in this video:
  4. I've been researching our '48 we're picking up tomorrow. From what I can gather, it was actually the inline 8 engine that determined the silver streak badging. The waterfall trim seems to be the source of the nickname. From what I've seen so far, in '48 there were only Torpedo and Streamliner models, with several sub-models, but only the 8-cylinder cars got the silver streak badges on the sides. I believe the Torpedo then went away in favor of the Chieftain. Posts above were correct that "Silver Streak" was not a model. However, the posting that claimed that GM never used the term in ma
  5. Cevensky, great job documenting this. I just read the whole thing, and I like what you've done keeping it usable the whole time. On Sunday I'll be picking up a 1948 Streamliner Silver Streak for the wife, so this was a fun read. We're going to try to make it a driver and keep the patina for a while. I'll start my own thread so I don't clutter yours up.
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