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  1. Here's a still from the 1937 film "She Asked for It." Could never figure out exactly what brand of roadster is meeting its demise, but it's big. Packard, perhaps? Or a Hollywood combination of parts made to resemble a Packard?
  2. And here it is after a fender bender at a railroad crossing.
  3. There is a caption on the back of the photo and if I remember correctly, it states the pictured woman is actress Nita Naldi and the IS town car is credited to Valentino's ownership.
  4. I have very much enjoyed this thread - thank you to all who contributed! Since I enjoyed seeing your photos, I thought I would post a few from my collection. Hope you enjoy them!
  5. I have the original headlamps and headlamp bar to this 1924 Elcar and would like to reunite them with this car. This Elcar was auctioned out of a Wisconsin collection that was dispersed in 2018. The family that sold the collection didn't know cars and couldn't match up all of the parts to the correct cars. I bought the remainder of the parts out of the deceased collector's barns and storage units and in it were a pair of Elcar headlamps with the Elcar shield stamped in them along with a very wide headlamp spreader bar. Since the car was sold without headlamps and a headlamp bar, a
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