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  1. The shame is I remember back in the sixties when you could not post pictures, we would just talk to the seller on Hemmings and take their word for the quality. Never was disappointed, ever. The world has changed. If you had a part that someone needed to finish their project, money was not the major factor. God help us
  2. Those look like either shock mounts or sway bar mounts.
  3. Raul, I have a rebuilt engine and trans for your 115. Let me know if it is needed
  4. I agree with Patrick, about size and that they do not look right on them115
  5. I posted an ad looking for rear fenders a day or so ago. I have been bombarded with fraud calls ever since. Five in the first day. Be careful out there everyone.
  6. Mercer, yes the last time I saw a opera coupe was in 1965. It happened to be a Buick. Fell in love with the style, and the “love” seat in the rear.
  7. REBUILT engine and transmission for a Packard 110. six cylinder. Complete from air cleaner to shift knob. Located in dry Prescott Arizona. $1500.00. Buyer to arrange shipping/pickup. (928)925-1932
  8. Post pictures of needed wheels. Maybe able to assist.
  9. Searching for a set or one rear fenders for Model a sedan. Looking for very good to nos price based on quality. Pat (928)925-1932
  10. Wanted to find the car that I learned to drive in. 1932-1933 Rockne standard couch. Prefer 1932 two door. Have trades or cash for correct car. Restored or complete original.
  11. 1930 studebaker Victoria coupe just out of 30 plus years of dry storage. Previous owner deceased, so some information not available. It appears to be an older restoration. Mechanicals, wheels, and body appear to have been restored. Interior not restored. Needs to be freshened up. $8000. Located in dry Arizona. Offers considered.
  12. I will get picks, but may take a while. It is stored 150 miles away. Just got back yesterday. I just picked up my other car out of 30 plus year storage. Will call and send picks when I can
  13. Somewhere in the low 20k range. Great unrestored caddy in very good shape