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  1. Wanted COMPLETE supercharger system for R-2 Avanti. No junk please. Verified R2 minus supercharger system. Had been in storage for 25+ years.
  2. I will be more than happy to post pictures after it arrives to its new home. Where do I send the $75.00 to?
  3. Thank you all for the information, it was a great help. And yes is a real R2 four speed car!
  4. How do you determine if a studebaker avanti is a R2 or not? By serial vin number? Badging? In the process of purchase, so if possible a quick response would be great!
  5. 1929 studebaker Victoria coupe. Mechanically restorded prior to storage. Engine has been run. Body was previously restorded, no rust any where. Straight as the day it came off the assembly line. Wheels restored. Out of long dry storage in Arizona. $7000.00 or acceptable offer. Addition photo available to serious buyers.
  6. I would suggest that franks truck is an international.
  7. The shame is I remember back in the sixties when you could not post pictures, we would just talk to the seller on Hemmings and take their word for the quality. Never was disappointed, ever. The world has changed. If you had a part that someone needed to finish their project, money was not the major factor. God help us
  8. Those look like either shock mounts or sway bar mounts.
  9. Raul, I have a rebuilt engine and trans for your 115. Let me know if it is needed
  10. I agree with Patrick, about size and that they do not look right on them115
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