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  1. Other than to get this thing running I have made no modifications until this. I have been working on changing out the glass. All the original windows had some bubbles and yellowing and looked generally terrible. I think the new glass looks great. I still have to do the door glass but am dreading pulling the door panels.
  2. Did you get your clock fixed? Mine doesn’t work too good either and I was looking for recommendations also.
  3. Also check the brakes. One can be hanging up and getting hot. Lift it up and make sure the tires turn freely.
  4. The car was sold to the next owner, by a Gene Graves, i’m thinking maybe he was the son, in 1996. Next owner was Richard Ellington, in Walbridge Ohio. Apparently I’m the 4th owner.
  5. This came with the century I just picked up. Original owners manual with this service contract inside. Anyone heard of anyone on this paper? Just really curious what kind of guy was able to go down two weeks before Christmas in 1937 and by a new 38 Buick Century.
  6. My 38 66s. Seems to be pretty original except for that turn signal thing
  7. kalaoaboy

    Engine id.

    Wow cool! I understand the family still has the packard but I haven't heard of any other buicks up there. The car sorta idles now but upon any throttle it coughs out the top and some backfires. I feel its a lean backfire. Hopefully I can mess with it this week sometime.
  8. kalaoaboy

    Engine id.

    I dont want to change the dual set up. I like it. I should probably just find someone to rebuild those carburetors for me. I wouldn’t mind doing it but I know they’ve been taken apart by at least a couple different people and now they run like crap. And yes it was pete. You knew him?
  9. kalaoaboy

    Engine id.

    So its a 52 roadmaster 320. Thats great to know. The man that had this passed a couple years ago so I didn’t get to talk to him. This is the carb set up that is on there now. Doesn’t run so great, I was considering whether to rebuild these carbs or order some new ones, since they aren’t original anyway .
  10. My newest toy. Don’t know too much about it as there aren’t many of these around. I already removed front bumper since it looked terrible anyway. I’ll keep it and maybe send it out for chrome latter.
  11. kalaoaboy

    Engine id.

    Ok I'll check it, Thank you
  12. kalaoaboy

    Engine id.

    Well it's not the original engine because it's dual carb. I was told it was 40's or so. I guess 40-41 had duals. Its got two carter wcd 608s on there.
  13. kalaoaboy

    Engine id.

    I looked there but no matches. I'm unsure of the first symbol. A b?