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  1. yes there is a hump created by the cover which goes over the transmission. Appears to be same as Buick Special. Wood covers over passenger and driver side with metal cover over transmission. I did not measure but would be very close to same if not identical.
  2. Latest I could find for a 47 Lincoln selling in free market. Barrett-Jackson car appears to me to be a little better condition than this one but hard to tell from photos. Watched the Lincoln at auction go over the block. Sold for $27,500 which includes the buyer's premium. Running, driving vs no brakes would assume this would be less money than the one which sold. Question is how much less and I would not disagree the market is soft and would agree most likely little less or little more than 20 grand. ink to the sale of the 47 at Barrett Jackson last week: lhttps://www.barrett-jackson.com/Events/Event/Details/1947-LINCOLN-CONTINENTAL-CONVERTIBLE-238784ink to the sale of the 47 at Barrett Jackson
  3. yes-clock works repaired. Cost was $99 plus shipping. Actually shipped 4 clocks and had two repaired. Work appears to be good and clock working.
  4. Anyone have experience with AKH Vintage Wheels in state of Washington. Terry Rowe is the owner. Communicating with him about 4 wheels he has. Says backspace is about 4" --- how much difference does it make between the modern repos which have 3 1/2" backspace and the originals for my 67 which had 4 1/2?
  5. My clock stopped working and have searched several threads and it is apparent that repair by me beyond my expertise. In search the web I found The Clock Works and Smith Classic Car Clocks which repairs old auto clocks. Mine is a Borg 6 volt-I have new wiring harness as well as several clocks and housing as well as new lens for the clock. The estimated charge per website is $49-$59 bucks plus shipping. I find the cost reasonable but as always wonder what real cost may be once clock is received. Any suggestions or experience with either one of the clock repairers mentioned? Thought about contacting Dave Tachney but think I would prefer to get one of my clocks working/repaired as opposed to obtaining an additional used one. Rod
  6. thanks again. Think the code registration from Team Buick may have been the document I was referring to. Believe the wheels for 67 were black, satin as opposed to the Light met. silver, satin as shown--isn't that correct?
  7. Thanks for response. My brakes are drum not disc. Any suggestions about obtaining the wheels or centers? Anyone have for sale?
  8. I've spent years restoring two 36 Buick model 40 and now turning my attention to my 67 GS. It is restored but has Keystone mags, which I believe are 15 x 8, and rub on some sharp turns. Would like to return to original and not sure of wheel code. Know at one time I had a chart that showed the codes for different years/models. Anyone have a copy they would share? I assume my GS had 14 x 7 wheels with F70 x 14 wide ovals, is that correct? Of the reproductions made anyone with experience and have opinion as to which is best? What is best replacement tire on market, not most expensive but best look and close to original? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Might consider buying used wheels and having them restored but assume the cost would most likely be prohibitive. Also the center wheel cap--what was correct for the 67 GS? Thanks Rod
  9. Have 67 GS and getting reading to restore/repaint the star wars air cleaner. Suggestions for paint color and paint to use? Thanks Rod
  10. Thanks for the response. Unfortunately I cannot use the vinyl hydem as the remainder of my 36 buick is wool broadcloth. I have now contacted restoration specialties and requested sample of their product. Don't remember if it specified cloth/vinyl so may not be able to use. Thanks again Rod
  11. Well the bankruptcy of LB has left me in somewhat of a lurch. Thank goodness those of us who had ordered received goods before the Chapter 7 filing. Did find a reasonable substitute/facsimile from SMS auto fabrics and just received a call and the cost is $30 a yard. Didn't ask what shipping cost would be. Haven't contacted restoration specialties but did look at catalog online. Appears to me what they call hydem is the same as what I received from SMS but the cost is 70 cents a foot-don't really care what they charge to ship at that price. Will be contacting them shortly and requesting sample. Any other ideas for finding wireon/hidem would be appreciated. The cost from Lebarron Bonney was $7 a yard. Hopefully the lack of competition is not going to drive prices up too much. Rod
  12. Thanks guys. Used Scott's email and did not receive an auto response so hopefully I will hear something. I had already gone to restoration specialties and didn't see in their catalog. If I don't have success with LB I'll contact and see what they have. Thanks for the heads up. Really hope no issue with LB as they seem to have a niche no one else seems to cover. Rod
  13. Anyone have any idea what is up with Lebaron bonney? I ordered some wireon 3/10, never received email confirming the order, and then sent email to check on status-the guy I dealt with previously auto reply said no longer working there so I called and directed to voice mail and website is down. No return call. I had heard they were having prolems with business and just wondered if someone "in the know" has an idea of whats happening. I recently ordered and received interior for my 36 Buick and at this point am thankful it is complete. The wireon I can't find anywhere else in cloth altho lots of hidem and some wireon in vinyl/primarily a marine application. If someone knows a source for wireon I would appreciate the info-need taupe/tan as I needed to redo my other 36 and tore the wireon out as I new I could get more. May have to look at trying to salvage what I tore out but I wasn't too careful. Rod
  14. On both of mine the original had a stainless covering which was beyond restoration. I removed the stainless and had the piece replated and then installed. I have not found nor seen a reproduction and have not seen one for sale in last 10 years. Also unaware of any which would interchange. Rod
  15. Gary Received my interior kit from Lebaron Bonney last Thursday and it was complete, not just the headliner. The shade for the rear window was back ordered but remainder appears to be there. In light of your problem with dye lots I removed all pieces and all appear to be in good condition. It was a bit of a surprise as I had been told they would rush the headliner but was unable to give estimate as to when remainder would be complete. I had emailed and asked for some estimate and lo and behold received email saying entire order was to be shipped the week I contacted them. The discoloration you had--was it immediately present or did it occur after period of time? Hope you receive in near future. Rod