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  1. Ok friiend of moine talked me into keeping this engine. So here in goi g have questions Ok what size ball bearing doese the rids and main carriers take look like .45??? Mine are pretty crummy so im guessing .5 ball ???? Also need help in how crank comes appart is the center shaft 2 piecs or is the key cut quartered And my spare crank not the best but useable but will it press out?? And tge chain grears are different counts 1 is 10 tooth 1 is 14 tooth??
  2. No idea right or wrong but this is on my 20 key is removable
  3. Hupp drives like regular car model T is unique and takes some time to learn Speeds about same Parts are easier with the T
  4. Restored in the early 70s with good orginal parts run and drive just henry made it Car is complete with top boot and full curtains needs a good home Asking $22,500 obo located carson City Nv
  5. Restored about 20 years ago and just enjoyed in private museum. Car running and drives needs fine tuning and brass cleaned up Come with a pile of paperworks clear Nv title needs a good home Asking $16,500 obo located Sparks Nv
  6. I know its a DU4 bosch mag but i love have a spare Hot and ready But witch du4 is it CC or C and is du4 with adjustment ok (desired)?or not
  7. Buzz68

    New to Hupp 20

    Great yeah i figured this out once i get this car home i play around with it more Comparing it to a T good thanks i know alot about them Not a big tour guy as last few T tours i been on all i did was fix other folks cars or flat tires and could enjoy the tire yes i love to Help but when folks go and enjoy while im out working well you get the picture. I love quaint looks of the Hup and hope it do what i want in old car if not plenty of Ts out there but brass ones start far more then the little hup
  8. Buzz68

    New to Hupp 20

    Thanks guys for the warm welcome went to bring it home but big winter storm here i n western Nevada USA and a open trailer i bring it home in a week or so I forgot about reading the tag as i was digging through the seller library for the paperwork and goodies that come with it. Heres a pic of the carb not sure what it is? It start but loads up rich with gas so any suggestion on a replacement carb till i get this one figured out
  9. Hi just bought a hupp 20 circa 1910 only seen the car have not heard it run or driven it . Little background i grew up with model A fords and i restored 27 model Ts worked on countless more. Hit and miss as well as steam also ran/ restored. Friend has had this car for 30 years sitting on stands he says he has 9 other cars that kept him busy so i agree take this jewel off his hads. Hope get incontact with knowledgeable folks who enjoy them im sure i have a few question. I do know they are not best car but should be fun around town car and tour with the T
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