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  1. Buzz68

    Timing the metz 22

    Phil I know Metz but my Bosch has a movable collar to adjust timing advance/ retard Not stock but what I have to work with haven't had the gears apart so they should be set Still waiting my mag rebiuld thank though for your input
  2. Buzz68

    Timing the metz 22

    Using du4 mag how was this timed and should I setup a spark advance/retard Bob
  3. Awsume let the fun begin
  4. I ordered a bearing by the number given and would take alot of modifications make it work but did give me afew ideas to try but in the mean time Searching for ball retainer clips and I use ball bearings as orginal Until something shows up
  5. Read it and ordered one and a race see if it's work in my car thanks
  6. Thanks my mag was weak last time it ran so I was told but it's dead now. Just looking for options as I have brass frame DU4 I sent out to rebiuld and I'm barrowing duplex mag I can buy if I want I thank you all on the info and advice I had du4s on a speedster but they where harder to start then ford coils
  7. JV yes your wire diagram is correct or at least what I seen but dual mag appears to be second circuit for battery No sure how the current separates at the mag but Yes dual mags are twice the price as are the switches and reading the mag switch be fitted with trember coil not sure what that is unless it's referring to buzz coil
  8. This wire diagram for duplex or dual mag This allows start on battery and switch mag for hard to start engines
  9. Looking at as an option a dual or ( duplex ) type magneto Although serveral told me du4 if set up right should fire on pull up vs spin type start?
  10. First off my 12 metz I getting mag rebiult had question or to First can add an impulse but there no room add one? or find a duplex ( dual) ignition mag make starting easier I found DU6 duplex wonder if that can be turned into du4?? Also mag I took off my car how can I test it I spin it and don't get arc from plug wire to base? Is there a better mag to replace du4 altogether
  11. Hi Bill ever find as I've search the forum not found any info
  12. I have a 12 metz and no spark from the mag when I purchased the car was told it ran 7 years ago this appears to be true any way to check it befor pulling it Points are clean plugs clean This car was well stored gas and water drained I have sent my spare du4 out for a complete rebiuld Thanks in advance
  13. Hi my tendon ends at the fellow are starting to loosen What's a good way to tightening them back up
  14. Yes great folks I've ordered one and once here I prolly will order a second just have on hand
  15. Buzz68

    Metz chain guards

    I surely be interested
  16. Al mostly discolorations dark patches where it highly oxidized or etched
  17. What polish is best on brass trim and brass lights and brass that highly corroded and tarnished Brasso - ok but still alot discoloration Wrights brass polish- doing better but same Tried several off the self metal polishs My buffing wheel and ruze not doing it either Any other suggestions to try
  18. Bill I to am new to Metz family Matt and I been in contact although Matt's car will need more attention Mines missing the bottom pan but I be fabbing something if there no drawings Bob Sparks Nv
  19. Buzz68

    1912 Metz magneto

    Me to waiting on the title to clear the estate befor I can get it home
  20. Looking for source for a friction wheel My Metz uses one and several other makes used them as well just looking for a spares any know source for a friction wheel It's the paper center I'm seeking or simular replacement
  21. Buzz68

    1912 Metz magneto

    Tried add to my other question What magneto was used looks like Bosch DU4 and guessing clockwise rotation Can anyone confirm this Be good month befor I get my Metz home and want get a spare mag started in rebiuld process
  22. Hi looking for a reprint or someone who may know where to find owners or parts manual 12 metz Thanks in advance
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