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  1. PayPal payment sent. Thank You, Chet Will follow up with email or contact via
  2. Can you give me a total price shipping to zip code 33064. How do you want to handle payment ? Thanks, Chet
  3. Hi Turbo Kane, Do you have, by chance, a fully functional OEM replacement Am/FM/cassette radio for my 1990 TC ? Thanks, Chet
  4. Hi All, Does anyone have a fully working OEM replacement Radio for my 1990 TC. Thanks, Chet
  5. Hi All, Looking to buy a 100% working replacement OEM AM/FM cassette radio for my 1990 TC. Used or Re manufactured but in excellent working condition. Thank You, Chet
  6. Still searching for that elusive A/C Discharge Line. Been dealing with multiple so called suppliers/providers and have been coming up empty handed. The Flange on mine is damaged and I cannot get a good seal. HELP PLEASE ! Thanks Guys, Chet
  7. Looking for info; If I pull the top pull down assembly to remove the motor will I still be able to put the latching assembly back to secure the top from weather ? Dumb Question I know but, please advise. Thanks, Chet
  8. would you happen to have the A/C hoses for the 3.0L V-6 1990 model ?
  9. Hi Everyone, Getting desperate here as I really need the High Pressure (liquid) hose that runs from the filter/dryer, to the compressor. Actually, I only need the final metal portion of that hose that has the flange that connects to the compressor. Now, it needs to come off of a 1990 TC 3.0L v-6. With the final metal piece I think I can get NAPA to replace/rebuild the hose (rubber) section. However, if anyone out there has this line I'd love to buy it from you. I'd buy a parts car but I have nowhere to put it. I can send pictures of the line & flange if necessary. Also looking to buy the following; Top pull down motor and linkage. Clear Opera windows for the hard top. Please let me know if anyone out there can help. Much Appreciated, Chet
  10. Did I see opera windows in that pile and if so, what are they're condition ?
  11. Need the A/C high pressure line that runs from the filter dryer to the compressor via the accumulator. Will to pay any shipping. Attached is a couple of pictures:
  12. I am desperately in need of the high pressure A/C line for my 1990 TC. Attached are a few pictures that I hope will help. Does anyone know if the A/C lines from a Chrysler LaBaron, same year set, same size motor would work on my TC ? Pictures:
  13. Here are some more pictures of the High Pressure Line. Any help greatly appreciated.
  14. Any chance you would have the A/C high pressure line that goes from the filter/dryer to the compressor ? See picyure;
  15. Hi Turbo Kane, I trying to find & purchase the high & low pressure lines that go to the A/C compressor. Would you have them and would you be willing to sell them? Please advise, Thanks, Chet
  16. I’m interested in a pull down motor for my 1990 TC. You listed one for $40.00, do you till have one. Please Advise & thank you
  17. Trying again on pictures, you may be able to see how the flange is slightly bent on the liquid (lower) line and there’s even a little oil/dye (green) around it.
  18. Did the pictures come through. Not very good at this .
  19. Do you still have the A/C high and Low pressure lines and would you sell them ?
  20. Hi All, Having an issue with the high pressure line that connects to the A/C compressor. Seems as though the flange is bent and will not pull down to seat the seal. Does anyone know of where I can get a replacement high pressure line ? Is this line the same as would be found on any 1990 Chrysler La baron with the 3.0L -6 ? Please feel free to contact me with any info or advice please at; (603)-481-2599 Thank You, Chet