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  1. Hi Marty, Do you still have a couple front door speakers for my 1990 TC? I was looking for them on your MASSIVE parts list and go lost 😆. If you still have 2, I'm interested in buying them even if they need cones replaced. thanks Marty, Chet
  2. That's what I was hoping for with so many posts about parting out TC's you would think Somebody would have some decent speakers to sell. Marty has some at Arizona Parts but even he says they may not be the best in the west.
  3. Hi Hemi, Thanks for Jumping in with your 2 cents worth, always welcome. I have the exact same radio I got from Marty a while back and the radio is great. I have one speaker, drivers door that's gon-zo. Others are crackling a bit but not too bad. I'm mainly trying to find speakers that will work with the radio I/you have without buying 30 year old speakers, ya know. I may have to buy the old ones and refurbish them especially if the paper cones are bad. Anyway, thought I'd throw this out there and see if anyone has found or is using a different, aftermarket speaker. By the way, t
  4. Hi All, Can anybody out there give me a lead on where to purchase speakers for my 1990 TC with the infinity stereo system. I'm interested in who may be selling NEW, aftermarket speakers that will work with the original radio. Beyond that, I am open to completely replacing the stereo system with a newer, more modern system. Any leads, guidance, information anyone may have on who would sell these systems would be greatly appreciated. Marty Mopar, I know you have OEM speakers but they are as old as the ones I have and may be experiencing the same issues. Thank You, and Take Care out the
  5. Hi Again Marty, Just realized there were 4 speakers in the rear compartment so it's those 4 and the 2 door speakers I'm focusing on for now. Haven't taken them out or removed the grills yet to inspect. Wanted to know before hand if other speakers would work or in this case, how do I repair them. Thanks for the reply's. Chet
  6. Hi Marty, The Door and Rear compartment are the only speakers I’m working on. You say they can be rebuilt. Does that involve sending them out for rebuild or is this somethingI can do myself, and if so, where do I get parts if needed ? Thanks For the info, Stay Safe, Chet
  7. Also, just realized you said your's has the ginger interior. How's the front drivers seat. I need to replace the forward & back motor in mine buy would be willing to purchase the whole seat if the price is right. Thanks, Chet
  8. Do you have the front & rear speakers and if so, what shape are they in ? Interested in buying them. Chet
  9. Hi Out there in quarantine Land, I'm needing to replace the front door and rear speakers in my 1990 TC. First, is there anything special about the speakers that would prevent me from just buying the right sized speakers ? Second, Does anyone out there have these speakers for sale ? Front door speakers are more important to me than the rear but I would like to replace all 4. Please Advise and ALL STAY SAFE, Chet
  10. Hi All, This is no longer an open topic as I have decided to keep the black top. Thank You, Chet
  11. Hi Art, Thanks for the reply. Shucks, YOU SURE you wouldn't like a like new Black Top 😖. Sounds like we're not to far apart and hopefully we can meet one day.
  12. I have a like new condition BLACK convertible top complete in like new condition. I’m looking for someone who has a TAN convertible top in similar condition that would like to trade. I am willing to pay shipping(freight) to send my top to you hoping for same from you. I live in Pompano Beach, Florida which is right next door to Ft. Lauderdale / Miami. Anyone interested please message me on this site. Thank You, Chet
  13. Ya, just figured that out...ouch !!! Actually was able to force the seat forward enough to get to the rear bolts. Seems like the screw mechanism is bent on one side causing a great deal of strain on the motor. Not sure where to go from here.....YET. Thanks, Chet
  14. Should I send you my email address or cell phone number ?
  15. I’m sure I sound stupid but “PM” ???
  16. WOW, I’d be more than happy to take them off your hands and pay any shipping involved. I actually only need the left side latch. I have the handle but the rest of the mechanism is missing. May have fallen down into the well below the hole, I don’t know, got the car this way. Let me know how you’d like to handle this and Thanks a Bunch. Chet
  17. Hi Hemi, Hmmm, mine is a 1990 verified via vin number and my hard top has/had latches. Actually I have one latch, the other is broken and I only have the handle part. The holes for the latches are there. The one latch works fine but if they’re no longer needed, all the better. Info on seat removal sounds good. The seat attempts to move when the lever is pushed, forward and back but acts like it’s jammed. Haven’t been able to see if there’s anything in the track jamming it up which is why I figure I need to remove the entire seat and inspect the track. Gonna be tough getting to the ba
  18. What color and condition is your convertible top. Looking for a new or like new tan top for my 1990 TC.
  19. Hello out there all you quarantined TC owners, I'm looking for a set of the manual hard top latches for my 1990 TC. Also, any advice on front drivers seat removal, mine is stuck all the way back and won't move. Any and all info, advice etc. greatly accepted. Thanks, & stay safe, Chet
  20. PayPal payment sent. Thank You, Chet Will follow up with email or contact via Arazonaparts.com
  21. Can you give me a total price shipping to zip code 33064. How do you want to handle payment ? Thanks, Chet
  22. Hi Turbo Kane, Do you have, by chance, a fully functional OEM replacement Am/FM/cassette radio for my 1990 TC ? Thanks, Chet
  23. Hi All, Does anyone have a fully working OEM replacement Radio for my 1990 TC. Thanks, Chet
  24. Hi All, Looking to buy a 100% working replacement OEM AM/FM cassette radio for my 1990 TC. Used or Re manufactured but in excellent working condition. Thank You, Chet
  25. Still searching for that elusive A/C Discharge Line. Been dealing with multiple so called suppliers/providers and have been coming up empty handed. The Flange on mine is damaged and I cannot get a good seal. HELP PLEASE ! Thanks Guys, Chet
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