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  1. I bought this and it is a 1927.
  2. Mike what engine? Continental or Wisconsin? I may have a transmission also. Is yours missing or just need parts? Jonathan
  3. 1929 Whippet wood wheel. takes 19" rim. Need a front one with brake drum mounted with 8 bolts.
  4. Could this be an unknown Elcar?? Owner has no idea. The B&W photo is a known Elcar made Taxi.
  5. I decided to put the UCT radiator emblem back on my car. I had assumed that this was for the automotive insurance on my car, but after some research, I don't think they ever had coverage for anything other than for Traveling Salesmen or Commercial Travelers. This just puts more questions in my mind about my cars history. Being part of the cars history, would you leave it on? Or take it off? (history from their web site) "United Commercial Travelers of America (UCT) was formed by eight traveling salesmen on January 16, 1888, in Columbus, Ohio, as a society to provide accident insurance and o
  6. I am not much on reproduction parts, but if you can't find one, I guess it's ok to have one at least until I find an original. This was done in CAD by a friend in New Zealand for me and uploaded to a site here in the U.S. I was not charged for the programming (good friend), so final cost was under $19 plus shipping. I am putting the link here for future searches and reference for anyone in the future that may need one. They paint very nice. but could also be used as a casting pattern. https://www.shapeways.com/product/9MDGKHM4L/elcar-badge?productConfiguration=65470426&etId=1848
  7. For future reference and researchers of Elcars The 1928 Elcar 8-78, A7K88, Sedan, on ebay 2016 sold for $7600 and was shipped overseas (not sure where) for restoration. I purchased and now own A5R89 a 1927 8-82 5 pass sedan. I am always interested in parts or even another Elcar for restoration if anyone has any in the future. Wouldn't mind connecting with other Elcar owners also. Jonathan
  8. Keep us updated Don!! Gotta do a running video for us!
  9. I purchased an Elcar and need some info that may pertain to many vehicles of that era. My sending unit was missing for the gas tank. I made an adapter and installed a temporary 1950 Chevy unit just to cover the hole, not to operate my gauge. Looking at the original wiring schematic, the original sending unit used a positive and a negative, unlike later vehicles with a ground only rheostat. Can anyone explain? Did any other makers do this? Next question, are hidden nail strips available for the roof above the doors? Did other manufactures use drip edge, are these obtainable? My vinyl r
  10. Looking for 1 or 2 rims to fit my 1927 Elcar. I have an early Oldsmobile rim that it the same, but too rusted. 18" rim running 5.25/5.50 tire. Will post width when I get a chance.
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