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  1. Last time I posted a question as a new member I did not know what to expect in response. I belong to many forums -- some are responsive some not so much. You guys have been phenomenal. Great, great help with my questions and knowledge gaps. So I thought I would try again with some missing parts. I have a 36 sedan 40 series and need a Harrison heater/controls and I need a hood ornament. These are darn near the only two things missing/wrong on my car ( I should say "so far") Any Buick guys out there have extras or know where I can find these? Internet searches have come up empty so far and I am guessing the hood ornament might be "precious" based on the little info I could find
  2. Wow nice pic thank you. My numbers are obliterated by the puncture for the hose fitting — they couldn’t have put it in a place to take out more data than they did. Do you or anyone else have any ideas about how I may recreate or discover what my numbers should were? I can deduce my trim paint and body style but how would I figure out the body number? Seems like that would be the most important of all. I have found a source for repop tag and rivets but I gotta tell him what to put on it. The only date reference I have is the original title and purchase date by the original owner from the dealer. Any way to deduce body number?
  3. Stuart thank you for the reply. Is this something you think would work with the head I posted pictures of, and is it something you could bear to part with if so??
  4. Normally when i start a project like this I acquire all the shop manuals brochures etc but you guys are so helpful and responsive I havent had a chance to do that yet. I was afraid there would be info scarcity but you guys are sure dispelling that concern. Thank you soo much
  5. While I was out there I took pictures of a Philco radio and controls that came in a box in the trunk. No idea if its right or wrong for this car but the controls have a keyed lock and key. There is also a knob just below the speaker What's that key all about?
  6. Here is the heater installed currently. There is no label, just the emblem shown. Looks a lot like yours. Do you recognize it?
  7. Rod I checked out the site. These guys are great. Heckuva lot easier than firing up the Bridgeport thanks for your recommendation I sent them an email with the pics. Do you recall how much they asked?
  8. I have Inkscape. It outputs g code that my machine understands. I also have Millpower by Accurite and my thought was to engrave everything in reverse , using same procedure you described. Then emboss aluminum from backside. Seems like engraving might b a whole lot easier than carving out the characters. And this way the die could also be aluminum. What do you think?
  9. Well, as a matter of fact I do have a Bridgeport 3 axis with NC controls and I have a press. Skill to do that is a different story. That would be mighty tedious. I’ll try first to find replacement tag but if not your idea may get a try. Thanks!!
  10. That makes sense. I got quite a few parts — original newly chromed front bumper, bumper Etter, headlight glass, new hubcaps, a few engine parts, — with the car. I will research tomorrow and let you know — and thanks for all the help much appreciated
  11. Since you are a Pontiac guy I thought you might like to see my 29 coupe -- hope the Buick guys don't mind just this once !!
  12. I measured it -- its 118" But now the bad news and this will make you sick -- made me . Look what someone has done to the data tag on the firewall. I noted when I bought it that it had the original heater in a box and someone had mounted what looked like a period correct but different heater under the dash. Somehow I missed this atrocity. Look at the tag -- can you imagine how pristine it was before some idiot drilled the hole in it? So far its the only heartbreak with the car Everything else seems perfect -- but I'm still sick.
  13. Thank you for the knowledge!! How does one tell the different series apart?? What are the “tells” on my car?
  14. The car is certainly complete and original but the front seat upholstery is rough -- really rough. I am torn between directions to go with it but it is a future project so there is time to figure it out. It came with the original title from the original owner. I will get a copy of that manual and evaluate it in that light. Thank you for the suggestion.
  15. I am in Sarasota Florida. Yes it is original -- not my usual project where I spend half my life chasing parts!! It even came with original grille, new chromed bumpers and bumperettes, decals, repop hubcaps but the original ones are NICE just not shiney, Thanks Bill
  16. Thank you for your response. My car is virtually 100% complete. It has an aluminum repop grille on it but a near perfect original came with the car. Nice to meet another Pontiac guy. I have an original running/driving 29 coupe and a total basket job 30 coupe for future. Finished total resto 67 Firebird this year for youngest grandson.
  17. Thank you -- I downloaded membership app and am getting a check off today
  18. Thank you. Yes I found Bob's and its a great resource. They have things the one other one I found do not. Greg send me your email. I will have a million stupid questions. Mine is hutchhouse1@hotmail.com
  19. I am not sure how to tell what series I have. I took a bunch of pix yesterday and have tried to upload. I have the original title from when it was purchased new but there is no mention of any characteristics other than 4D Sedan The grille and trunk emblems indicate its an 8 of course, and I can say its a HUGE car. All the tools are in the trunk, original spare, original interior, wood is absolutely solid, original paint, minor dings, running boards solid. What is it can anyone say?
  20. Hello. New member. Just acquired '36 four-door sedan. Looking for repro source for weatherstrip, bushings, etc. Google didn’t produce many hits for pre-war. Any recommendations? I’m a Pontiac guy; this is my first Buick and I love this ole car. Bill hutchhouse1@hotmail.com
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