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  1. it took me almost half an hour to skim through that thread as im at work so didn't read all of it but got the gist . would love to do that one day if time and work permitted . my electra only had 40,000 miles when I got it so still plenty of miles left in her . so did you know the owner of yours or just chanced it and drove it all that way ?
  2. drove it to work if that counts . don't park it out front with all the riff raff cars haha . plus we get so many people turning around in the driveway its bound to get hit . mines in the yard around the back out the way
  3. thanks guys . im still enjoying it even after over a year of ownership . get a lot of comments at gas stations and thumbs up at traffic lights
  4. wow , just wow ! cant believe you drove that whole way after just buying the car . the guy I bought mine from asked me if I was driving it back the 10 hour trip . although it may have made it ok I just couldn't risk driving a 47 year old car when I hadn't even looked at yet . it so happened that the bad heater core wouldn't have made it possible anyway . it took me a couple of days to go over everything good to make sure I could even drive to work in it but that's just me being very cautious . it did have a leak from the bottom of the coolant tank and that leaky valve cover gasket so ther
  5. wow ! just been looking at your build and its very impressive . truly an awesome looking shop .
  6. hard to believe that this was a rarely chosen option back then . I picked up a fairly nice 75 mirror for my 72 as I need one for backing out my garage and just feel I should need one on there for general driving . it doesn't match the 72 drivers side but will do until I find a correct one but no way im paying the $400 they can go for .
  7. I think I remember going to this salvage yard over 10 years ago but forgot all about it . quite sizable if I recall and just under 3 hours away from me .
  8. I bought the 1 owner car in Denver in December 2017 . An elderly gentleman owned it from new and took pretty good care of it from what I can tell . Think he was a real estate agent and also used it to take clients out to view properties. His friend sold me the car on behalf of his widow and I assured them it was going to a good home . The windshield kept fogging up during the test drive and suspected a bad heater core so he knocked $500 off right there . Luckily we escaped any bad weather up there in Colorado ( I’m in SW Oklahoma) but almost got killed by a Swift trucker running us off the roa
  9. hi everyone , new guy here from Oklahoma . heres my 72 Electra 225 custom coupe .
  10. yep ! will be putting some miles on this year during show season . absolutely love driving it , like driving a sofa .
  11. champagne gold . paint is original but a little battle scared . took the buffer to it for a couple of hours and cleaned it up a little .
  12. thanks guys , appreciate it . first one of these big Buicks I've had and im really liking it .
  13. picked this really nice 40,000 mile 1 owner from Denver last December . had a couple issues that I've fixed and now ready for shows and cruises .
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