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  1. Back in the early 60"s in So- Cal Jim Morris use to drag race his 1925 Buick .
  2. A friend has a 1957 Chris craft boat with a line 6 230ci KFL Hercules engine. Need some info about this engine - how big can the cylinders be bore and what type of bearings would it have,?
  3. I know a lot of your vehicles have been restore to the original status when it came from the dealer, and you want to keep it that way. for a safety issue I always in stall a battery cut switch on all my cars, if you are storing your vehicle, or you are trailing it to a show, it is a good security device, and emergency you can shut of all power to your vehicle. It is something to think about. Here is some photos no one wants to see in there rear view mirror. This was a big time show car.
  4. Would like to hear your store with your classic car insurance company. If your car was stolen ,in a accident, lost do to weather or fire. Did you have any problems, were they helpful, did it take a long time to be payed? Do you have rules you have to follow to be insured with your company? I am looking for a company for my cars .
  5. September 29,2019 Howell Township, New Jersey Alex Lyon & Son Auction Looks like a lot of nice vehicles and automotive stuff for sale.
  6. Right now I am looking for a 70 - 72 Buick GS . Besides the hood and air cleaner, grill , is there something I can look for to tell the different from an skylark and GS. I see a lot of full front seats , were bucket seats an option. Just like the Chevy SS, I been see clone GS.
  7. The dodge sedan was build in the late 60's and sold in 70 or 71. It's a 1926 dodge 4 door sedan was a street rod with an Chevy V-8 and auto trans. Last location was Los Angeles,CA - San Fernando valley area in the early 70's. Would like to know if it is still on the road today .
  8. Some of you pre war Buick people may hate this. 1923 Buick Touring - has Chevy V-8, auto trans ,power brakes, power steering.
  9. Looking for some photos of 1929,30,31 Vikings.
  10. Here are a few photos before the sale I found on facebook.
  11. Did anybody go to this estate sale in Bloomington CA this weekend? If so, how was it, and is there any photos of all the vehicles and parts that were for sale?
  12. Is there place I car purchase rivets or bolts to replace the old hardware in my top frame ?everything is good shape but when the top is up the frame hangs down . right now I have hose clamps to keep the frame tight.
  13. My Packard did come with an title, pink slip , what # would be the correct # that would be on a vehicle reg?
  14. Photos of this same 1925 Buick in the movie Saint Valentine's Massacre.