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  1. ted1922

    Hot Rod 1925 bUICK

    Photos of this same 1925 Buick in the movie Saint Valentine's Massacre.
  2. Does anybody know info a junk yard in Pittsburg, Caifornia that has cars from the 1920's to the 60's? In 1989 I was introduce to a man in Bencia, CA who own this junkyard, later on I was told this man move back east. Is the Junk yard still there?
  3. ted1922

    Hot Rod 1925 bUICK

    He used an Buick rearend, He ran 4.44 ratio.
  4. ted1922

    California swap meets

    Does anybody know when the San Diego and the Turlock swap meets are?
  5. ted1922

    grill stone guard

    Does anybody kniw where I can get or know someone who can make a grill stone guard for a 1930 Packard and other vehicles.
  6. ted1922

    Stone guard

    Does any body know where I can find or someone who can make a stone guard for a 1930 Packard and other 20's and 30's vehicles ?
  7. ted1922

    Hot Rod 1925 bUICK

    Yes 1 Hot Rod magazine August 1963 page 56,57 Popular Hot Rodding January 1963 page 49 He was also in Rod and Custom, I am trying to find that issue.
  8. ted1922

    Muckenthaler Motor Car Festival

    Here is a photo of the Buick I saw in Drive magazine. Does any body have a better photo of this Buick ?
  9. ted1922

    Hot Rod 1925 bUICK

    Hare are a few extra photos I came across. Jim's Buick was in Popular Hot Rodding and Hot Rod magazine in 1963.
  10. ted1922

    Muckenthaler Motor Car Festival

    Thanks for the photo,but the Buick I saw had steel rims and a stone guard grill cover.
  11. Did any body go to the The Muckenthaler Motor Car Festival last May 2018. There was a 1925 26 Buick touring car, red body black fenders at the show. I don't no if it was there for the hot rod show or the classic car show If any body took a photo of this Buick I would love to see it. there was a small photo of the Buick in DRIVE magazine Nov 2018
  12. I been around hot rod and restore Buicks all my life , they are nice restored or street rod. The only problem with the 20's Buicks is the rear suspension on the larger Buicks , the small standard Buicks had the rearend mounted in the center of the leaf spring. If you restore or street rod the Buick or sell and another car , get your wife to help you.with the project install, A/C , power brakes, steering.that way she can enjoy it to.
  13. ted1922

    1930 Packard vin# plate

    Thank you for the help.
  14. ted1922

    1930 Packard vin# plate

    Is there another location that Packard stamp the VIN# on a 1930 Packard besides the patent plate? frame, engine, interior of body ?
  15. ted1922

    A trunk for my 1923 buick

    I have a 1923 Buick touring car 4 passenger , It came with an spare tire on the rear of the vehicle, I would like to mount an trunk on the back and retain the spare tire to. I would like to see photos of Buicks with trunks to get an idea how I would mount to the rear.