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  1. Ok... looking for some advice again. On my 63 Riv gas tank there is a vent line, I have attached a rubber hose and looped it over the filler neck. Question: What type of vent one-way valve should be installed on end of the hose? Should it be mounted upright if it is a "ball-check type?" Or use a non ball check type? There is not a lot of room in that area for a "larger" Holley rollover type check valve, which I have. (see pic) I just kinda through it in there to see how it may work, but fitment and getting it mounted upright is a bit of a problem. Whats your thoughts? Anyone u
  2. Please accept my most sincere apologies...... Yes these are 45 fin drums. I apologize for mistakenly punching in 43 rather than the correct 45. The best numbers I can get on the drum dimensions today are: one measures 12 & 1/32, the other is at 12 & 2/32..... (or some may say 1/6th.) It seems to be very difficult to get brake drums mic'd these days when 2 out of 3 parts store guys asked "what are those?" when looking at the drums. Located in Superior WI.
  3. Yes I still have the drums and spindles, backing plates with brakes still on. Thanks Scott
  4. $170 total, including both mirrors, plus shipping.
  5. For Sale: Power steering gear box, pitman arm, pump and engine bracket. Off 63 Riv 401, 66,000 miles on when pulled. Any interest? Make a reasonable offer. Plus shipping. Thanks Scott
  6. SOLD For Sale: Front aluminum finned drums/backing plates with brakes in place and spindle's attached. All parts off a 63 Riv with 66,000 miles. Control arms sold. Any interest in any of these pieces? Make a reasonable offer? Plus shipping. SOLD Thanks Scott
  7. For Sale: I have 2 NEW 59-60(?) Buick outside mirrors that work on either side. New in box. Paid $170 each from CARS. I was considering these for my 63 Riv but changed my mind. New in box. Asking $125 for the pair plus shipping. Thanks Scott
  8. Turbinator: Sorry, wheels are long gone.
  9. For Sale: Trunk vacuum control out of my 63 Riv. $75 plus shipping. Thanks Scott
  10. For Sale: SOLD Items pulled from my 63 Riv. Headlight Sentinel pieces. I cannot tell you if they worked, I never tried them before car was dismantled for Resto. Make and offer, plus shipping. Thanks
  11. That is the original insulation. Still in good shape.
  12. SOLD.... Thanks for looking. $150 plus shipping. Fitzo1969@gmail.com
  13. For Sale: Gauge set from 64 Riviera. Fair condition. SpeedO, Fuel, clock and circuit board. $100 plus shipping. Fitzo1969@gmail.com
  14. Just thought I would share pics of the "one-off" steering wheel I had made for the 63 Riv project. I decided to stay with the standard Riv steering wheel but I had EVOD Industries design and machine a replica stock wheel shrinking it down to 14", yet staying close to the factory design even utilizing the "Riviera" emblem in the center of the horn bar. I know the GS wheel is gorgeous but I guess I went another direction. Shaun and Diane at EVOD were absolutely great to work with. IMO I think the wheel is a piece of artwork. Now I have to decide what colors to paint it. What do you think?
  15. Anyone have or know of where I can get a neutral safety switch for a 65 Riv? Please contact me at Fitzo1969@gmail.com
  16. Wheels are Colorado Customs "Levansworth", 18x8 front 19x9 rear. "Riviera" custom center caps. Centers are a combination project with EVOD doing the centers and CC doing the caps. Actually got the 19x9's to fit the rear without any mods. First saw these wheels on a Gold 66 Riv thats on YouTube. Also having EVOD create a 14" replica of the factory stock Riviera steering wheel. Not the steel wheel, but the standard wheel. Polished horn bar painted frame work and leather wrapped hoop with polished clips on the sides. Cant wait to see what that will look like. Thanks
  17. The last picture is of the car now, after getting out of the paint booth. Its coming along nicely, and yes, modifications can be spendy and if not done right they can drive you crazy. And no, this is not an inexpensive project, not cutting corners, I want this car to look fantastic when done. For the most part the car will appear sorta stock. Paint is silver like it was born with, just and updated version. Interior will hint to its original silver, just upgraded. Kept the frame, but new front and rear suspension. Yes, I have committed the "CARdinal sin", the nailhead is out and new drivetrain
  18. For Sale: 1963 Riviera 401, Dynaflow, driveshaft, 323 posi rearend. Perfect for a restoration project that needs drivetrain. I thought I would post these here before going public with them. I am doing a resto-mod(?) to my 63 Riv which includes all modern drivetrain and suspension. Pretty nice car when started. Project is still in build stage. All parts from my 63 Riv with 66,000 miles. Engine ran good when pulled. includes carb, starter, alt, radiator, air cleaner. Trans. Driveshaft. Complete rear-end w/323 post gears and brakes including drums. Engine is sitting on a new "cust
  19. Thanks for the feedback. I purchased the glass through Auto City Classics and they have been more than helpful with finding me the correct size/glue in '63 glass, no bolt holes and a smaller size. The color? Well, I think I will have to live with the "green" tint unless I find a flawless set of used ones. The green or clear glass are the only options out on the market, so it was my decision to try the green glass thinking it was the same as my stock glass. I would rather have the flawless new glass with no scratches. Tom: I will try to get better pics showing the color difference, b
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