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  1. Is there any place to see pictures or get any more info on this car? i am interested if it is still for sale.
  2. I have a working radio i will be pulling out here soon if you are still interested.
  3. Hey marty14, any chance you still have replacements? Currently in the market myself now
  4. I might take the umbrella, they didn't make a different colored umbrella for the Bordeaux did they?
  5. I wish i could remember the exact details, the build was a good couple of years ago. All i have left is the build sheet with the parts and prices. A gentleman named Jackson who you may or may not know had built a similar car (black on black 16v TC) for his mom so he took that template and applied it to this. He was the one to talk me into a larger turbo and i don't regret it. The lag is a bit more but when it spools life gets a bit better. I don't think we have met? I have only been to a couple SDAC meets, but i believe that was before when i had my Spirit R/T.
  6. 1989 Chrysler TC by Maserati with the rare 16v Masi motor with only 12k miles! (picture is old, have put a couple more miles on the car) Engine pulled out and top end rebuilt when car was purchased Here is a short list (there is so much more, but these are the main points): -Stock IHI turbo replaced with t3/t4 .50 trim (stock turbo included, only 9000 miles and in great shape) - 3 bar map sensor - +40 injectors - Socketed Smec with custom tune for 12lbs of boost. The tune is a very safe tune for reliability. I will include an ostrich 2.0 if you decide you would like to tweak this to get more out of this car. -Long radiator with large intercooler (see pics). -Stock Transmission replaced with a 92 523 that currently has a stage 3, six puck clutch to handle the extra power. (stock transmission included, 9000 miles and in great shape) -Poly motor mounts There is so much more that has been done with this car, over $2500 in parts for the initial build not counting what is listed above! This car may be in Iowa, but it has never seen a winter in its life and is 100% rust free. This car is an amazing example of what these cars can be, but i am sorry to say that the seats and the armrest could use some love. Unfortunately the original owner must have left this beauty out in the sun more than it should have been and while the seats aren't split or torn, they are cracked. They are still super comfortable and this car is the most comfortable turbo dodge of this era, but my regret is still that I wasn't able to finish those seats. Also the air conditioner is not installed. I have every single part and they are all in working order. They would just need to be installed and the system recharged. If you do not like the modifications done to the car, I still have every single original part from the car for you to convert it back to stock. nothing was cut or butchered. The car can be converted back easily. Like i stated above, i have every single part that was pulled from the car in storage that will go along with the car. Everything on this car works as it should, and the only issue is the seats and armrest being slightly aged. I would trust to drive this anywhere and will gladly assist with delivery as the cruise works great still. Please feel free to message with any questions. Motivated seller, price is $8000 or open to trades (really would like a clean white Spirit R/T)
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