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  1. Looking for series 40 running board stainless trim anybody reproducing them or NOS for sale
  2. Looking for series 40 running board stainless trim, anybody reproducing them or NOS for sale
  3. Lebaron Bonney is no longer in business auction coming up soon according to the lawyers
  4. Ok , just got the news today that Lebaron Bonney filed for bankruptcy . They got my deposit and still have some of my original parts.Called to see why parts had not shipped no answer , got to checking on the computer and found the news . Spoke with their lawyer he said send a list and he would see what he could do but no promises . So I called my credit card company they said they would refund my money back in 3 days, got lucky . Now just got to get my parts back . So all that being said I am looking for a upholsterer to do my 1938 coupe interior Hopefully not a dirtbag like th
  5. Thanks for the info , my father bought the car in the early 60's for $150.00 after I was born (1964) we have owned it since. I started restoration in 2017 , he bought other cars and restored this one never got done. He has since past and I now own his other cars plus my own . Just want to make it a a 400 point car or at least 399
  6. Can not get pic to load , but info is 1938 mod.46 ,style no.38-44278 , Body no. 9193 , Trim no. 405 green leather , Paint no. 520 Whistler gray , month ,day, year not stamped . 1938 business coupe no rear seats. Have spoke with many people Bobs, Cars ,Dave Tachney and others all say they have not seen a business coupe with leather interior . Any info would be appreciated , Thanks Rob Eaton
  7. Is there any place like a Marti report for Buicks
  8. Have a real garage find been stored 36 years got it running repairing brakes right now 1937 Roadmaster 4 door with dual side mounts. Black exterior gray interior NO RUST call me at 814 558 7052 $15000.00 thanks Rob Eaton
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