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  1. Thanks for reading... I've starting a search for a nice, driver quality Land Rover Series II or III, or a pre-post war pick up. I have cash, or a possible trade with my restored VW Type 3 Fastback. What do you have? Thanks in advance.
  2. I'm looking for someone who has actually towed with a 5.0 litre Ford....is that enough engine for 10k lbs?
  3. Hello, and thanks reading.... Is anyone towing open carriers with an F150 5.0L? If so, how is it working for you?
  4. I might be available to deliver it. I have a Class A CDL.
  5. I have no idea why Jim posted the link for the C5500....is not the correct vehicle. Again, I'm not addressing legalities. Matt, my concerns would be driving the car on to the rear deck, but after looking at the truck this morning, it seems like it would handle it easily. No one wants to be that guy who drives a car onto a deck, and the deck snaps in half....welcome to YouTube. It seems Uhaul does retire and sell quite a few of these things, and with some minor fab work, you would end up with a nice hauler which has been very well maintained, and parts are available.
  6. Ok, as a 30 year class A CDL holder, I understand the legalities, but that wasn't the question. The question is, has anyone attempted it with the type of vehicle I posted in the link?
  7. I see that Uhaul is selling cab & chassis rigs. It's a 26 foot truck with the box removed. https://www.uhaul.com/TruckSales/equipment/759068/JH4658K/ Has anyone tried to turn one of these into an open hauler? I would be concerned that the rear section of the frame would not support 4-5000 lbs driving on to it with home made ramps. Thoughts?
  8. I completely agree. It would be a highly specialized white glove service. I don't think many could pull this off, but the right person with deep pockets who could afford a specialized transport rig could be rewarding.
  9. I'm fishing here....thanks for reading. For those of you with highly specialized valuable vehicles, would you pay extra to have your vehicle transported in a single unit enclosed carrier? If so, would it be worth a minimum of $3 per loaded mile to do so? Thanks in advance!
  10. Never mind Carini, ROGER is the star of that show....
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