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  1. We restored it and painted it a 1949 Studebaker color I like, called "Tulip Creme", installed a new black interior by Barbara Willburn, had the original Standard Vanguard engine rebuilt by John Willburn. All new proper blackwall tires on original 16" wheels. and new chrome where needed. I have yet to install the wipers, and I also have a sheep-skin lined belt for the engine cover that I haven't installed. I also own a 1939 Lincoln Zephyr V-12 Sedan once owned by James Hetfield and a rare early 1936 "Slant-back" Ford Convertible Sedan, all restored, out of Texas.
  2. My 1953 Morgan +4 roadster was imported to the US by Fergus Motors in NYC, and I purchased it as a used car in Flint, Michigan in 1965. At the time I was living in East Lansing, Michigan. So, I have owned it for 56 years, but still don't know who was the original owner. Morgan records do not show this.
  3. Does anyone have the 1953 sales records for Car importers Fergus Motors of New York City? I have a 1953 Morgan +4 roadster (NC), chassis #p2665, motor #V597ME, with a Fergus Motors ID plate #14045. I would love to know who was the first owner of this car. Can anyone help? Please send me a message.
  4. The Venue was awful, totally wrong for the car, and I was too stupid! Too soon we get old, too late we get smart!
  5. I wish I had the guts to say "no sale" when my Brewster Regent stalled at $100K at the Bonham's Greenwich sale!
  6. Hi, I don't have a LZOC Membership Roster. Can someone please look up my name and send me my Membership Number? PETER R ZOBIAN 171 Danville Pike SW PO BOX 795 Meadows of Dan, VA 24120 email: przobian@gmail.com Thank You! Peter Zobian
  7. Well, you certainly can't say this is a "soft" yellow!
  8. I would call the color of my car "soft" grey, certainly not "harsh" grey!
  9. The problem with Phantom 1 Rolls, as I see it, is that they are under-powered, slow, antiquarian, heavy, hard to drive and expensive to fix or maintain; but the Brewster bodies are beautiful so the car is caught in the middle. My 1930 Brewster bodied Convertible Coupe was bid only to $100K (after I put $10K into it) and went back to Gull Wing Motorcars who immediately sold it on for $140,000 with the auction photos I paid for!
  10. I agree that the Springfirld Rolls prices have been abysmal. But that car was handsome! I have put a photo of my Stephen Grebel Driving Light on.
  11. I want to sell a very scarce driving light that is left-over from my store, Vintage Automobilia, in Cambria, CA. It is a Stephen Grebel (Paris France) and it is in very good complete condition. Please PM me for more info. It's not cheap, but then, nothing is!
  12. i don't see this as a strong showing at all! This car should have brought $200K at least. Peter
  13. My car was a very nice and driveable Phantom 1 Regent Convertible Coupe by Brewster. It was bid to $100K by Peter Kumar and sold at Bonhams to Kumar even though there was a $125K reserve. I will never deal with Bonhams again. NEVER!
  14. UNFORTUNATELY, All classic Rolls-Royces (except Silver Ghosts) are down in price right now, with even open convertible coupe Phantom 1 cars bringing no more than $100K.
  15. I have noticed that Phantom 1 Rolls-Royces do not seem to do well at auction. Why is that? They are beautiful, and well made (if any thing, they are overbuilt). Perhaps they are not very driveable.
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