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  1. 1934 Ford tudor glass & glass channel measurements & installations
  2. George, From the "Coat of Arms" insignia, in the center of the hubcap, and "The General" script above it, is was the trademark, of the General Tire Co.... I am not sure when this trademark was introduced, but these are the first full wheel covers, that I have ever seen, for the General Tire Co. It's my guess, that these wheels & hubcaps, could have have been introduced around 1930, or a little after... The only identifying stamping on the wheel, is: CHEVROLET, in the outer bolt hole areal.... Now, to make things a little more difficult to figure out, there were numerous car manufactures, with only certain models, that the wheels had 6 holes, with a 5 1/2" center to center bolt pattern, made in the U.S. & Canada. These wheels being for 14" tires, and 6 5/8" tire width, is where it's I am not sure, of who made the wheels and when.... In 1932, The General Tire Co. along with the Cleveland Welding Co., started making wheels (rib type, rather than a solid or spoke), and with a smaller hubcap, with the General Tire Co. logo...On the wheel, they had a 3 digit code, a year, mfg. name of the Clev-Weld Co., and patent. pend. They began with wheel tire size was 16", with the tire width of 4 1/2", and in 1933, they went to 15", with the early ones being 6 1/4" and the latter being 6 5/8" , in 1934 and beyond , they went to 14".... I can only conclude, that the General Tire Co., changed wheel & hubcap manufactures, before 1932... If anyone has any photos, advertisements, of these wheels, I sure would like to get a copy, if possible... And if anyone can add to what I have said, or correct what I have said, I would appreciate that also... What I have said here, is only what I have observed, over the last few years....
  3. Jerry, Yes, I still have them.... Where are you located ???
  4. James, Do You still have any of the Clev-Weld Jumbo wheels and/or hubcaps ??? Thank You .....
  5. I came across these, removed from a 1932 Chevrolet, 14" tire size X 6.62" wide, a set of 5 wheels & full wheel hubcaps, with "The General", on the hubcap. Is there anyone interested ???
  6. W.T.B. any 16" or 15" General Tire Co. Jumbo Wheels and/or Hubcaps, made by Cleveland Welding, any width or bolt pattern...Thank You....
  7. Jim, I might be able to help you out....I am new to this form, so I am posting here and will try to e-mail you ...... Thank You .....
  8. Greetings, I am new to your site, and the wheels in question, are not General Jumbo's, which were made with both 5 & 6 bolt hole patterns....I believe they could be what was termed as "changeover" wheels......I have some 16" like those, which were made by Kelsey-Hayes, as was stated earlier...... Thank You .....
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