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  1. For some reason my dad relocated the battery
  2. Just listed the car for sale on EBay under 1937 Buick. To all the Buick aficionados on here please take a look if you have a second and give me your thoughts, opinions etc! Thanks for your time!! Remember I'm a Ford man so doing the best I know how. LOL
  3. Would like to sale asap. Make an fair offer
  4. Selling the 37, runs, has new paint, interior, carpet, brakes have been redone, sent out the gas tank to be refurbished, installed new sending unit and gas pump, new battery, new steering wheel. 15K. Can add more pics later or email me and I can send them out of the interior and others. Added more pics. In some you will see missing dashboard parts and the engine side cover. I have all those just haven't put them back on. Thanks, Carroll
  5. Sorry for the late reply but I found them!!! thanks
  6. Ok, thanks. I will have see if the two wires going to the switch are hidden somewhere under the dash. Front harness came from YNZ also.
  7. Hello, does anyone know where the two wires coming from the brake switch under the frame behind the master cylinder go to. I've installed a new front & rear harness and everything works but now I need to figure out the two from the switch. I my be missing something but it doesn't seem to be covered with the harness. I think one goes to the part of the front harness that feeds the rear (gas,running lights & plate light) but not sure. Is it two separate wires that I have to make or what? Thanks in advance!! Car is my advatar. Carroll
  8. 2 door coupe. The wires are going up it looks like left side if trunk toward headliner
  9. 1 more question, does the rear harness run thru the frame underneath the car or up along the drivers side above the door under the headliner.
  10. Yes I have the diagram and the rear harness for tail/brake lights but I really don't understand a couple of things on the diagram
  11. Thanks Mathew! Is there a number I can contact you at? Carroll
  12. Anyone know of someone with some knowledge of the wiring for the rear end, brake/tail lights etc around the Charlotte NC area?
  13. Thanks!! Should be easy enough