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  1. Hello once again, Im still looking for an old WW2 jeep or Dodge closed cab in original condition. Regards. Piotr
  2. Frankly it looks like a deal of the century. Cadillac 1928, bodied by Gangloff Geneve is completelly intact, original, matching and got 00975 on the clock. Yes, correct - just 975 kilometers. This car, offered for sale in Switzerland, belongs previously to the well known Polish pianist, composer and politician - Prime Minister, Minister of foreign affairs and Chief of the National Council of Poland (WW2)- Ignacy (Ignace) Jan Paderewski (18 Nov 1860-29 June 1940). Car is not mine Link: https://www.prewarcar.com/308637-1928-cadillac-341-coupe-de-ville-gangloff-geneve
  3. Thank you. I replied by e-mail. Regards Piotr
  4. And here is a Dodge WC1 (1/2 ton closed cab)
  5. Dear Colleagues, For my collection of US military vehicles Im looking to buy pre-standarized Jeep 1941-1942. Bantam BRC, Ford GP, Willys MA , Slat grill etc. What I prefer its a jeep in original, unrestored condition. Also looking for Dodge WC1 1/2 ton with closed cab. I know pretty well that these cars are really rare but who knows what's on the nearby garage? Im in Europe but all my classics I imported from the USA. Thank you in advance for any info. Regards. Piotr PS. Sample pictures included
  6. Any guess about the "auctions estimate"? Unfortunatelly I get no reply - maybe they are not interesting about foreign bidders ? Peter
  7. That one also looks interesting. Price 16 000 CAD https://www.kijijiautos.ca/vip/16384033/
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