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  1. hi guys, my name is Pascal and i lve in France. my baby is a 55 Buick Special 4 doors hardtop. And with my wife and kids, we have three old caravans ( 2 french : Notin Chaumière 1956, and Notin Vedette 1964 / and the third one is a belgium one : Constructam Coral 1971 ) here are some pictures i hope you will like ... our 55 Buick Special with our french caravan Notin Chaumière 1956 our 55 Buick Special with our french caravan Notin Vedette 1964 our 55 Buick Special with our Belgium caravan Constructam Cora
  2. hello, i'm new on the forum. My name is Pascal, I'm French. last week, i came back from a us cars meeting and suddenly, i had a lot of smoke behind the dashboard of my 55 Buick Special. I stopped the car as fast as possible ans stopped the engine. i don't know what is the problem. I started to open the dash board to see and check... some wires are burnt ! ... what do you think ? any idea of what happened ?
  3. thank for all those pictures of Buick with old caravans . I 'm looking for that because i have just bought a 55 special riviera, and i want to go on holidays with our old french caravan . if you have more pictures, i'm interested !
  4. hi, thank you for your french welcome message ! ;-) it's nice .
  5. thank you John for your welcome message ! i will post more pictures when our Buick arrive in France :cool:
  6. hello, my name is Pascal, i'm French and i live in France . i'm a new member so i don't know if i do the right thing to introduce me ... i'm 43, married, and two childs . i am a collector since 17 years old . But it's the first time i buy an 50's american car !... a 55 Buick Special Riviera i'm very happy even if i have to wait for it ( our Buick is still in California but it will arrive during May in France i hope ! ...) i will surely need your help to find some parts, informations, ... after well, i hope my english is not too bad ! bye, Pascal
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