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  1. thank you. very interesting yard
  2. need taillight assemblies for my 1941 dodge 3 window business coupe
  3. I need the outside chrome trim ring for the back window for my 1941 dodge three window business coupe.
  4. back window chrome trim ring and complete taillight assemblies
  5. will they fit a 41 dodge 3 window coupe? don't have to be perfect match. wish you had pics.
  6. I'll look for a clock,but i'm in need of tail light assembly. pass. side,or both. very hard to find parts for these 3 windows. also need chrome back window ring.
  7. does anybody know what other back window and trim will fit a 1941 dodge 3 window coupe, if any?
  8. I talked to the owner and he still has all the parts in boxes, he wants 2 grand for all. the car parts fit a 4door sedan.
  9. absolutely, pulled mine from a crusher now has a rolling chassis. no rocker panels,interior ,lots of missing parts. put a 69 nova sub frame and a 79 firebird rear end. parts are so hard to find. got most of mine out of Canada. I have a 3 window luxury liner (original fluid drive) coupe. very rare but worth every dime to me. It will never be original but very few mods from stock look.
  10. Is this a 3 window or 5 window coupe. I very much need the chrome trim ring that goes around the back window on outside.
  11. I sure could use those taillights,headlight and park light rings,fluid drivetrunk emblem. I also have a complete rebuildable engine and fluid drive transmission.