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  1. That was a breath of fresh air lol beautiful trucks Brian, thanks for your post
  2. I'm open to information and happy to check out any comparables anyone throws my way
  3. 100% agree with private messaging. So many factors go into value and when it's all said and done the value of a vehicle is what someone is willing to pay. I know this truck is not super rare but it is rare and it is even more rare in Canada. I also believe there is a desirability in the Canadian classics market to purchase a vehicle that was manufactured in Canada, compared to similar American models. I did not pitch this truck as an "original" as in unrestored perfect condition like it rolled off the factory floor, I pitched the provenance and history more than anything. To find an original vehicle needing no restoration and looking like it did when it rolled out of the factory would be unheard of and would not be in the $30K range. These vehicles were work horses, people used them on farms and other businesses and after they drove them into the ground they scrapped them. Most of the 1935 Dodge Brothers trucks for sale in the US have undergone restoration and are also not original, and the ones that haven't need to. They have been chopped or hot-rodded or have undergone a restoration consisting of fibreglass body pieces instead of steel. My intention was to put it back to as close to original (meaning original motor and drive train and all steel body) as best I can.
  4. 1935 1st Series have suicide doors for both Canadian and US, half way through the production year they changed to regular doors (2nd Series) for both Canada and US. 460 produced in Canada and about 25,000 in US for that production year.
  5. Dear Greg in Canada, from another Greg in Canada: Are all your posts that negative??, personal attacks on others while bragging about what you own?
  6. Price is a start point/asking price, you wouldn't find another of these vehicles and that has to mean something
  7. Selling my 1935 Dodge Brothers KC pickup 1st Series, 2nd owner, Canadian built #214 of 460, located in Canada, check it out under Cars for Sale. Thanks
  8. Owner's manual Dodge Bros. (Canada) Limited, Windsor Ontario and drivers handbook, also have 1939 permit
  9. I've put up pics, vehicle is just outside Halifax, NS Canada. The truck was originally purchased in 1935 from a Sydney, NS Dodge dealer and remained in the Cape Breton Highlands of Nova Scotia. It was last on the road in 1958 then sat in a building until 2012 as part of the original owner's estate. He died in 1960 (coincidentally the same year I was born) and I purchased the truck in 2013. There is a true trail of history connected to this truck, from the original owner's 1939 Nova Scotia chauffeur's license and vehicle permit which verifies the serial number to the Dodge Brothers of Canada - Windsor, ON owners manual and drivers handbook, all passed along to me. The original windshield contained a Nova Scotia Dept. of Highways 1943 registration sticker exempting licensing until the end of 1944 due to the war. I've since spoken to residents of the community who remember the truck from years ago and how it hauled telephone poles to installation sites. Restoration began soon after purchase. Frame has been blasted and epoxy sealed and is solid. New shackles and bushings, king pins, tie rod ends complete, installed brake linings on original shoes, new wheel cylinder kits, master cylinder kit, and brake lines were just the beginning. Rear axle disassembled and all bearings were checked and new axle and pinion seal installed. Original rims have been cleaned and painted, new tires and tubes. All new steel box fabricated to original specs, cab still needs work but have cab frame wood and aftermarket cab body pieces from Plymouth Doctor. New windshield frame with safety glass, running boards, reproduction rear fenders from CountryTraveler. No interior seat, just the frame. Also missing tail gate. All original parts have been saved. Misc other pieces include a wiper motor, extra tail light for right hand side, signal light switch assembly and the list goes on. Complete original drive train, engine runs, original starter and generator, and original clutch. 69,000 original miles. Asking price $30K US.
  10. Made in Canada, stayed in Canada - Selling a 1935 Canadian built #214 of 460 produced (3 models for that year KC, KCL, HC total 460 - number of each model not determinable) 1st Series Dodge Brothers KC pickup complete with history and articles of provenance, likely the last surviving Canadian built truck of this era. In final stages of restoration, suicide doors, manual transmission, 6 cylinder, have all parts to complete, all steel body, if you are interested or know anyone who is, please email. Thanks
  11. There's a 33 truck with a red grill on ebay right now, big money.
  12. Nice truck! Where did you find the signal lights?
  13. Dave, I'll definitely need a pair and you can take your time to make them, will be in touch in the near future. Thanks again for the pictures.
  14. Thanks Dave, fenders look good, would you have side aprons?
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