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  1. This well maintained, mostly original, 25K mile 1948 Plymouth Special DeLuxe Coupe is now live on BaT, no reserve sale. Owned by the same guy for 55 years. No Reserve: 55-Years-Owned 1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe Coupe for sale on BaT Auctions - ending February 25 (Lot #43,713) | Bring a Trailer
  2. Here is a picture of the Roamer in the mid 1930's. The original owner of the car, Frank Peyton, is the guy sitting on the running board by the kid.
  3. And 103 years later you have this 1 family owned 1917 Roamer Model 640!
  4. For the start of this thread I submit what most people got when they are interested in a new car in 1917.
  5. Sorry, I did not get the PM, but I sent you one.
  6. It has the Rutenbur engine. Thank you
  7. I just picked up a 1917 Roamer and was hoping to find some parts for it. Let me know if you have anything that belongs on this car. One thing in particular I need are the Roamer branded Houk wheel brass lock nuts. All 5 were donated during the WW1 war effort. The previous owner had found 2 so I am searching for 3 more.
  8. I agree, as I have had cases in the past where a buyer said he will be right back with the $ and you never hear from them again. Lucky for me my "Sale Pending" did not bring the bad juju! SOLD! to a member of the brass & gas club. It is going to a good home and will be driven and enjoyed!
  9. We have for sale a well maintained and tour proven 1912 Buick model 35, chassis number 3582. Current ownership has been almost 40 years with one family who was in the business of restoring cars. Prior to that this Buick resided in a temperature-controlled auto museum. The restoration on this car was done before the museum display and is a little over 40 years old. The paintwork is as expected with some chips and scratches, overall it is in good driver condition. The wood and metal in this Buick are very good, it has never had any rust or issues with the wood framing. You can tell it has always been well cared for since new. The tires are in good condition and the top is solid except for a few very small holes smaller than a dime. The seats are still very comfortable, and the leather is intact and showing some age. A few items have been added for convenience and safety when touring such as seatbelts, speedometer/mileage counter, 12-volt headlights, taillight and turn signals which all run off a battery. A couple other options on the car are an exhaust cutout and a left side running board mounted toolbox. Mechanically this Buick is ready to enjoy, and it starts quickly once all the proper settings have been made. Buick was known as an automobile of great power at this time period, and this car is powered by a 165-cid, 23hp OHV four-cylinder engine that runs extremely well. A 1912 Buick Model 35 was priced at $1,000, and if you added a top, glass front and a Prest-O-Lite gas tank and it would cost you $60.00 more. This is a great touring car that is ready to be enjoyed for years to come. Priced very fairly at $26,500 Contact Jim at 815.252.7247 Here is a link to over 100 pictures along with starting and driving videos https://photos.app.goo.gl/ogiwnN9jSgD1qYAo9
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