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  1. A Few pics from the summer. Won every show it went to. Best in show all the way.
  2. looking for info on front end sheet metal assembly and pictures, did they have a gravel pan or lower grill brace, bracket.
  3. The customer has said it's OK for me to finish the build thread, I may have time in the fall, just in the process of launching a new company so I'm pretty swamped. I figured I'd at least post up some finished pics for now. That way as I post the rest of the build everyone can be content that it has a happy ending, even the haters.
  4. Yes it's done, finest 58 eldorado in existence I belive. Even better than the 55 sun valley I built that won the AACA grand nationals. Stopped posting due to negative commentary and criticism from some of the last few posters. It left a bad taste in the mouth of the owner and I felt it best not to continue. Just because someone chooses to strive for a level of perfection that most can not afford doesn't mean it's a bad idea, in a perfect world we would all go this far. i will talk to the owner and see how he feels about capping this thread with pictures of the final product.
  5. that would be great, maybe make a note of my number, its 250-216-4278 Todd and im just up in victoria BC. willing to pay!
  6. looking for better handles for 38 12, few small dings on mine and looking to upgrade to perfect ones. anyone hording any?
  7. To be clear it wasn't 3000 hours to bring it to the point currently shown but to the point of almost finished. The car had been painted for almost a year when I started posting pictures. It's busy season right now and I'm working 12 hours a day, no time to hang out on the Internet with a shop full of cars to Finnish for show season including this one, a 38 v12 Packard, 70 monte Carlo, 67 Canso, 64 elcamino, 68 ranchero, all in final assembly stages. Internet will have to wait till I get a bad cold or the weather turns again. I have a hard drive full of build threads to post.
  8. foxhole

    38 radio

    does this plate get painted in at all? what about the one on the speaker? they came to me polished and i can't find any pictures.
  9. I just did a caddy one and I shaved thin ribbons of material off an old wheel and melted it in MEK untill it became like a paste and used the melted wheel to fill the cracks and then let it dry and sanded it. I was going to paint it with Dupont base clear.
  10. I have bought them from some place that sells data plate rivets exclusively, I think they are the same on many cars, if not they ate quite close, I'll see if I can dig up that company name. I googled it and found many ford listings, so they look Luke these? 65-69 Warranty Data Plate Rivets, Pair 65-69 Warranty Data Plate Rivets, Pair [CJ-HW269 / C5ZZ-6223000-A] - $4.99 : Champion Mustang, Online shopping for Exterior & Interior Parts, Accessories, Air Conditioning, Resto-Mod & more
  11. I needed some and no one who makes them had any available so i had three sets made to try and lower manufacturing costs. It didn't really work, they are flawless but i lost my shirt reinventing the wheel as my price reflects. Shooting to break even, I'm 3000 deep in the three sets. 1000 bucks a pair in aluminum. You can polish or chrome them. I have one possibly two sets to spair, sale pending on the second set(he doesn't know how much they ended up costing yet). My set in the picture has been chromed but the rest are raw. Just bullets and crosshairs. The screws that mount the lens also attach
  12. I needed some and could not find any. I knew one other fellow who also needed a set. I had 6 grills made (3 sets) it got a bit out of hand and am just hoping to break even. I'm into the three sets for 3000.00 total. I am using one set and have promised the second set to a local fellow with another 58 Bairitz. Is anyone interested in the last set? Email me at foxhole@me.com They are aluminum and have 11 thou clearance for chrome although i think one could also polish and clear coat them. All angles, measurements and profiles are precise and the machining is flawless.
  13. I wonder how this would work on bright anodized trim pieces? Sometimes we do more budget minded restorations on late 60's early 70's cars with bright anodized aluminum trim that is pitted and unrepairable but could be primed and sanded. What type of substrate is required for your process? Could be an answer for rotted unrepairable pot metal pieces when money is an issue and making new castings is not an option.
  14. Locally I have just had them made locally at the industrial supply place in town. Anyone who deals in wire rope should be able to do it. It's quite simple. Look in your local yellow pages under "wire rope"
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