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  1. I found Paul's write-up will now & print it to show the glass guy. If he;ll do it I need the back window changed also as it's crazed too,---Thanks for your info...
  2. What are the steps required to change the glass in the windshield on a 1930 145 town sedan?
  3. At the moment my filter is a long cannisrer type --mounted on the right side of the block that has a handle on the side that you can turn ==not sure what its for--I was told it's a filter by=pass? Is the mopar ffilter similar& what is the mopar number? I tried the Roberts filter but they were flawed--end plates were misaligned-so cant thread fittings into it---Thanks
  4. Whar is a good replacenent oil Filter for a 1930 145 ?
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