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  1. It is not the same car. People car say whatever they want. I have a 1938 Cadillac Town Car and it was sold new in Hartford, Conn. so a friend tells people it was owned by Betty Dais father. These cars are dropping in Value right now also. I am 50 and saw the hayday of the car clubs. There are few people my age buying Classic cars and 2 new members does not make a movement. A lot of there clubs are on life support now. I belong to one club with 200 members and maybe 5 people are into prewar cars.
  2. robcars


    31 Franklin: What weight is recommended in the rear-end,transmission, steering gear and shocks? I drained the transmission and wound up removing the pan, there was a thick oil like a thin gear oil, I assume it has not been changed in 85 years. I know some old-fords took a higher weight.
  3. What is the email address or contact for the Franklin club for parts? I have sent several emails to and never received any replies? In regards to a muffler and other items. Thanks, Robert
  4. robcars

    Bill Williams

    Data Plates This Number is disconnected, anyone know why? or other source? This is from the Franklin website. Bill Williams makes data plates and has made some for Franklin. I've only purchased the new crankhole covers from him (which double as V/12 valve cover medallions). Also has Delco starter & generator tags. Bill Williams 603-525-3532
  5. I am from San Diego but moved to Nashville, TN.
  6. I recently purchased a 1931 Franklin Model 151 6 Window sedan. I had a friend look at the car and have pictures of it. I do not know what other parts I will need until after it comes. This will be my first Franklin. I am looking for a Crank Hole Cover, Carburetor rebuild kit, Cowl Lights, Right Tail Light (passengers side) engine gaskets, and valve gaskets. Thanks, Robert
  7. Does anyone have a crank hole cover for a Franklin?
  8. robcars

    1931 Franklin Sedan

    Franklin that I just purchased.
  9. The Vin Number starts out with 51 so I assume it is a series151. It has a flat windshield. I have always wanted a Franklin with side-mounts and wire wheels. I will be keeping the car as it is but want to add side mount mirrors, Junior Tripp lights and a right tail light. I have a United Motors Radio that is complete with the head with key, tube box and speaker I may add this to this car. I am not sure what brand radios were offered for this car?
  10. I recently purchased a 1931 Franklin. Is there anyone that has or reproduces parts for these cars? I am looking for a crank hole cover, cowl lights and or fender lights. Did Franklin use generic or side mount mirrors that said Franklin stamped on them? Does anyone carry engine parts for this car? This is a 4 door sedan car with wire wheels and stainless side mount covers. Thanks you, Robert
  11. I have a 1938 Cadillac Town Car series 75 model 7553. The frame above the windshield where the bars attach has no weather stripping on it. I can see where there was small holes for nails of some sort. I would like to know what kind of weather stripping went there? Was it rubber, felt both? I would also like to know how the top was made, it states leather on sales information. I have the header bars with the snap ends but the top that is there now is just tucked over it. Did the top have piping,stitching style, pattern on the removable top? I would like to know what both parts of the front are supposed to look like. I have a 75 series authenticity manual but it does not addressthis part of the car. If anyone has any information or pictures it would be great. Thanks, Robert
  12. I am looking for a 1963 Cadillac any body style. Rust free condition matters most surface is OK but no rust through. I do not want a car with bondo or body filler. Interior and mechanical are not important. I have 2 already but looking for another. I have owned one for 30 yrs and the one other for 25yrs.