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  1. I found Paul's write-up will now & print it to show the glass guy. If he;ll do it I need the back window changed also as it's crazed too,---Thanks for your info...
  2. What are the steps required to change the glass in the windshield on a 1930 145 town sedan?
  3. At the moment my filter is a long cannisrer type --mounted on the right side of the block that has a handle on the side that you can turn ==not sure what its for--I was told it's a filter by=pass? Is the mopar ffilter similar& what is the mopar number? I tried the Roberts filter but they were flawed--end plates were misaligned-so cant thread fittings into it---Thanks
  4. Whar is a good replacenent oil Filter for a 1930 145 ?
  5. Thanks for the info on the Visionall. I added the word " tubular: as it is a long tube that fits under the visor outside of the windshield .& not the typical Trico Motor. I have been told that Cads, Lincolns ,Pierce Arrows ,etc used them or were available to these cars.& that some AACA Members do have them on their Cars. perhaps they have more info. or a parts diagram . I'm sure mine is not complete & any Picture wold be very helpful. Thanks again...Ed
  6. 1930, 145, Town Sedan, The visionall unit was either purchased by the Original Owner or the 2nd Owner as the 3rd Owner told me it was with the car since at least in the 40's or 50's as a comment was made about the unusual wiper system on the car. The 3rd Owner bought the car in the mid 80's was trailer from Michigan to Calif. All the items that could be removed to prevent theft while on the road were removed & put inside the car, 6 hub caps, crankhole cover, mirrors, gas cap--& the visionall unit. All were replaced except the wiper unit as he was told some parts to it "MAY" be Missing
  7. Does anyone have any information, pictures, diagrams, parts, etc. for the tublar trico visionall wiper system--or know of anyone that does ? Thanks ...Ed
  8. Do you have any information ,pictures, parts lists--or parts for a Tubular Trico Visionall wiper? Thanks Ed
  9. crankyfranky


    I have located some of the Mobil 600 & or the equivalent with a GL-5 rating & will change to that & see what the results are. As far as 5 miles to warm up--No, when I drive to a Car Meet in the Town next to Me which is 10 miles away I stop & pick up a friend who is about 5 miles away. When I leave his house is when I have trouble getting a clean Shift without grinding gears. So it warms up probably the same as ant other Franklin a mile or so. Later when I make the change I'll post a message. Thanks for all the good information.
  10. crankyfranky


    I have a 1930 145 & for the past 12 years + have had Ford 600 since most of the original Transmission fluid leaked out when I got the car. I do have problems getting a clean shift when the engine is hot--drive 5 miles or so. Not sure if this is because of the Ford 600 or needs an adjustment or-? My question is What is the proper Fluid for a 145 & is anyone else having the same problem with a 3 speed 145, if so what was your fix?
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