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  1. just stunning !!! Fantastic craftsmanship and it been fun following this build. thanks for sharing
  2. So happy to have the Wildcat out after the long winter
  3. Just wow.... what a great experience for you thanks for sharing all of the pictures. Umm yes it would be awesome to see it cruise around under its own power...
  4. This year's fall picture although it was 85 degrees ....
  5. Logged about 340 miles this weekend figured I'd take advantage of the the indian summer weather here in New England. From picking up my daughter at college, several random cruises with my pal Mocha, and sneaking in a couple local cruise nights. Wildcat is starting to settle in in nicely, absolute joy to drive ...
  6. Mocha my navigator, cant even touch the keys without her noticing
  7. Nice action shot Doug ! The silver sled in the center is a 74 arctic cat Cheetah 440. It was the first sled i restored many years ago and the one my oldest son learned to ride on. I gave him the sled a few years back and he has gave it a custom treatment and we still enjoy working on it together . I guess they don't a top that goes up , but does putting a tarp over them between rides count ?
  8. Where I really miss driving my 67 Wildcat , I have vintage convertibles for winter as well And I'm fairly happy to report that they have been tuned to perfection on all of our available snow here in Mass. Going to be 50 here tomorrow so it won't be long ....
  9. Here my 67 Wildcat figured I'd take some pictures before doing some raking
  10. Thanks for the good words cant wait for spring , but the winter hasn't dampened my desire to spend much of my free time making improvements. Just added the pin stripes as well and now I'm looking for some aftermarket gauges so I can keep a closer eye on the 430. My hope will be to put some miles on traveling to the different show in the northeast .
  11. Here is my 67 Wildcat Custom I call him Buck (Buick without the I) have been spending some quality time on him replacing the fuel sending unit and gauge, installing a new motor for the top and most recently a set of Rallies. With all the snow here in Mass I just had to pull it out and get some pictures..
  12. Gauge issue is now solved.... In ended up being the gauge itself . First I bypassed the existing wiring, then cleaned all the contacts on the main connector at the cluster and finally removed the gauge itself cleaned the contacts and re-installed. In the beginning the gauge would read 1/2 full when the tank was full, (had 85 ohms to the gauge from the sender). Then the gauge eventually stopped reading entirely and would drop to dead empty as soon as you world turn on the key. I was lucky enough to find a nos gauge on ebay but was a little worried after it arrived because if you compared ohm re
  13. thanks for the reply NTX5467, I was thinking of heading up to radio shack and getting a few resistors of different values and giving it a shot. First I'm going to verify that all the Dash wiring is intact and ensure that all the grounds are properly attached. After taking it out for a spin today the gauge seems to be working normally other than the incorrect position of the needle. Will keep you posted on my resistor experiment thanks again Kevin
  14. Happy Holidays all, Yesterday I received my sending unit back from Tri Starr for my 67 wildcat and they did a great job with excellent turn around. I tested the sending unit with an Ohm meter and its 90 ohms when full and 1.5 when empty. The problem is when I hook it up to the gauge it only reads 1/2 full when the float is in the highest position and when it's in the lowest position it reads well below empty like the gauge is out of calibration. Is there any adjustment i can do to better align the gauge with the sending unit ? thanks in advance Kevin
  15. Thanks for the good words and sorry about the small pictures. Proud to say i have a great wife who really gets the "carnut" thing not to mention 2 sons that give us strength in numbers. We are up just north of Boston Ma where it's not great convertible weather , but I seem to have just as much fun driving it with the top up or down .. Great to be here on the site and thanks for the warm welcome [ATTACH=CONFIG]163359[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]163360[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]163361[/ATTACH]
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