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  1. Hey guys, been a while since I posted. Just wanted to drop a note and say that I still have my buick but finances have gotten in the way of doing much more to her. However I did have her out today, gave her a bath and took her for a little Sunday drive
  2. Yea but its been on CL too long even Earl isn't sure about it Something is odd about it, plus the people never reply
  3. this has also been on CL for at least a year that I know of. I've been watching it since last Aug.
  4. Just so you guys know I've emailed these guys a few times and never gotten a response. Earl and I both have reached out to them, I think they did however talk to Earl. The story goes that someone brought the car in to be painted and never showed up to pay for it. So what you see is the body shop trying to get their money outta it. From what Earl was told it will run but it does have some "issues" They didn't elaborate on the issues....
  5. It's called Fishing Creek Lake in Lancaster, SC. It's really a reservoir for the hydro plant there.
  6. Decided to take the Buick to the lake today. Had a great time and she seemed to enjoy the drive
  7. My chassis manual is the one I'm reading and the light never comes on when I'm starting the car. The chassis manual says that the lights are supposed to come on when the key is set to ON and of you check YouTube for starting videos you can see this. I've actually gotten it to light now by grounding the starter to the dash with my test light but I can't figure out where on the starter to attach a permanent ground wire
  8. No idea, still outta my price range but thought i'd pass it along. On the ad you can see he's advertising it to rat-rodders and that makes my heart hurt.
  9. 1953 BUICK ROAD MASTER I talked to the owner he says he's selling it cause he ran it with bad gas and now it knocks, and won't stay running. He put a new carb on it, and dropped and cleaned the fuel tank...none of which fixed it, and no mechanic around wants to work on it. He's flexible on price but has been offered 4k for it and declined. just FYI. Not sure what the knock could be, if he ran it with bad gas my first guess would be a gummed up fuel filter but surely he changed that first. He says it sounds like it's starved for gas.
  10. Wow this thing is sharp 1947 Buick Sedanette Super 8 I like that color, did they offer that color blue originally?
  11. Yea sorry guys, I tried my best but I got no offers to ship it for less than 950$ bucks and I just cant swing 1400 dollars right now.
  12. I don't even know what that is.
  13. Now I'm curious what is super special about a 56 master cylinder?
  14. That's one of the things I've noticed about the car shows when the BCA (or local chapters) is involved, the people are a lot less snobby. I sat next to Bob at the AutoFair in Charlotte whos car is light years nicer than mine and he never said nary a word about it. In fact we talked most of the day about things I could do to improve the car and in what order I should work on them in. It actually was really very helpful. It seems the overall attitude is to keep everyone's cars on the road to represent Buick as best we can, instead of how I can make my car better than everyone elses.
  15. So funny story... At the last downtown Monroe Car show I parked my car next to a beautiful 1957 Bel Air. Expert restored...looked like a show car. Got my folding chair out and sat down on the sidewalk behind my car (as is custom) said hello to the older gentleman and his wife who owned the 57. He looked at me like I had 3 heads, got up and MOVED his car 3 spaces down. At the same time his wife moved their chairs down as well..never said a word to me. LOL.. Then there is the one guy that trailers his car on a flat bed to the car show every month and DEMANDS to get the same spot every time....it's a real hoot at these local shows. But the muscle car guys never want to park next to me or the Bel Air guys (there are about 10 Bel Airs)
  16. Oh and that bottle cap under the lighter is a Michelob that looks like its from the 80s lol so I just left it there
  17. Lol no I was just making a general observation. Thanks for the kind words I often feel like the red headed stepchild at the car shows (not anything BCA related) just general shows. So it's always nice when people compliment the electra
  18. Thanks guys here is my finished handywork
  19. Haha no... I was just checking to make it wasn't one of the "oh Buick tried something new that year and put in a cig lighter powered by fusion and in a triangle shaped hole, so no other cig lighter ever made can fit into that slot unless you find a NOS part...." issues that I see sometimes.
  20. Is it possible to replace the NOS cig lighter with a newer one, to bypass that fuse drama? All I need it for is to power my iPhone or would you guys suggest something else? If so is there anything weird I need to know about hooking up the red (hot) wire to a newer cig lighter?
  21. Ok I found an L shaped plastic plug with a red wire coming into it with a female end. It looks like it's supposed to go on the male end on the back of the cig lighter. However the L plug also looks like it had a wire coming out of it at one time that was cut off right at the plug. The wire is hot tho even with the key off. I'm assuming there needs to be two wires tho, one hot and one ground or does it not work like that?
  22. Good morning all Does anyone know about the cigarette lighters in the early 60s cars my cig lighter does not work and it looks like at some point something happened to the wires for it as I cannot see where anything would hook to it. I would like it to work so I can charge my phone is there some way I can just rewire a new one easily? Straight to the battery or something? Would that even be possible? The book isn't much help with this one.
  23. She's not lookin good, the uship guy at 750 cancelled his bid. Now the lowest I have is 1025 again.
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