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  1. 95 000 is the really very good deal for this Cord.
  2. Well, the simple question - is the color scheme where for example roof is white, then middle part of the body green, and all below waist white correct? Because some sources said that the only two color scheme is that roof is one color, and all other is another. Thats it.
  3. Here is one Cord currently on the auction:
  4. How about this? Very good choice for my opinion.
  5. This is cowl tag. And this is how car looks like today. Probably it was repainted more than one time during its life. Can please somebody show me such color combination on the photos? 1955 Buick site tells that its Mist Green, Condor Yellow, Condor Yellow Buick Hometown does not list such color like Mist Green. What is this? Yellow paint is present underneath the carpets, that true. Also, please can anybody help me with trim no 463 picture?
  6. Well, I mean still original production cars. And it really very very cool and rare.
  7. Another quite interesting thing, that people are not very upset regarding 911/356 Porsches, Jaguar E-types etc. As somebody says from my friends, having 100+ thousands I rather buy Facel Vega or Cord 830 Supercharged than mass production mass production car which is still very common.
  8. Nice to hear that we are almost relatives:) Well, for some reasons, Baltic States are viewed together from the distance, but quite different from each other from insider point of view. In my opinion, Estonia,is probably now more and more closer to Finland and Sweden than to Eastern Europe. Lithuania is the very dynamic and rapidly developing country, but, again, its purely Eastern European by its mentality (and it has both advantages and disadvantages, for example, Lithuanians are clearly better salesmen than Estonians, but they have very different management style). Latvia is something between Estonia and Lithuania in terms of mentality. From the point of life, I think, big cities are more or less similar, but looks like Estonian rural areas and small towns is much wealthier than its Latvian and Lithuanian counterparts. For some very special reasons. But things are rapidly change better everywhere in Baltics. Generally saying, for some historical and cultural reasons, people everywhere in Eastern Europe, Baltics and Scandinavia like American cars (and other classics too), respect and cherish it, its very common hobby and always attracts hoards of people. Interestingly at least in Estonia, people don't do big difference between 1938 Packard Eight and Chevrolet Van StarCraft from the Eighties. All considered as US classics here and welcome on every event) As I told, there are interest for very different vehicles from 90ties youngtimers to full AACA classics. Hotrods and customs are not very popular, most cars are unmodified. Interestingly, WW2 Lend_Lease vehicles like Dodge WC or Studebacker US6 has very special status in the cultures of former Soviet Union people. Same with the pre-War Packards. So, regarding classic cars, all three Baltic countries have very active classic car communities. Every country has own strong point. Looks like pure density of classic cars are higher in Estonia. Partially because we are close to Sweden, country where are more classic US cars than anywhere, including the States. Riga has incredible car museum and very famous classic car events. Again, despite there are less classic cars on road, there are incredible classic car collections in Latvia, dozens of Maybachs, Horchs, grossen Mercedeces etc. Lithuanians are well known craftsmen, making lot of restoration job for customers from all of Europe. In this terms enthusiasts of all three country are quite strongly tied, as with the Scandinavian guys too. We have some common swap meets, parades etc. There are all together less than 20 million people lives in Sweden+Finland+Baltics, so we need to keep together. Some pictures from the last weekend US Cars season opening. There were hundreds and hundreds of cars and many thousands of people around. Very nice event. Especially for not so big City, like Tallinn (appr. 400 000 people)
  9. Just want to ask - is such two-color paint sheme correct for 1955 Buick? Where can I got more information about 1955 buick color schemes? Apart from 1955 Buick models homepage, what I already know.
  10. Well, let me bring some positive notes to the generally sad conversation. I am from Estonia its former Soviet Union, now part of the EU. Small northern country. Classic Cars are very very popular hobby and classic car owners become younger and younger. I could say, 2/3 of classic car owners are younger than 40. US classic cars are particularly popular, you see dozens of it every summer Saturday and Sunday. People likes it very many buys it from the States. Every year hundreds of classic cars arrives from the States. For example, I have 55 Century, 67 Fleetwood and 1943 Dodge military truck. And I know very many people who have one. We just had our US cars season open, thousands of families visited it, it was great event. So the same is everywhere in the Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Russia etc. So, things are not so bad in the global scale. Far from it.
  11. Hello, I need whole power steering stuff for 1954-55-56 Buick Century/Special. So, steering box, shaft, pump, brackets, etc. If somebody know where I can get it, it will be great help. Please PM, or send email
  12. Sorry for confusing. I need everything except the pump. D.
  13. Hello, I am interested to buy power steering parts (pump - already bought, bracket, steering box, double pulley, hoses, other hardware) for my 1955 Century, Shipment to Virginia. Offers through PS or mail:
  14. Well, found some 1952 Buick Super front brake drums. Will this fit my 1955 Century. Sorry for so simple question... Another question - how original 1955 Buick brake drums look alike? Should it be finned, which material was used (aluminium/iron cast) ets?
  15. Hello, discovered that one of the front brake drum of my Century have small kracks in the casting. Some runs on the edges to the centre and one around the edge. Probably it might be the reason of the shaking during the brake. What is the solution? Is there point to refurb this drum or it would be better to change it? If change - which should be better to buy, 1. Modern aftermarket 2. Old aftermarket (Kelsey-Heynes etc? 3. Old used? What interchangeability is for 1955 Century front brake drums? right / left what production years drums fits? is this difference between super/roadmaster/century/special front brakes? is there difference between power brake car drums or not? If somebody can answer this question - thank you in advance!
  16. Hello, I am interested to buy power steering parts (pump - already bought, bracket, steering box, double pulley, hoses, other hardware) for my 1955 Century, Paying through Paypal, shipment to Florida or Oregon, whether is closer. I am from Estonia, but have alot of friends in US, where to ship. Offers through PS or mail:
  17. Tomorrow will open my eyes and take a look on the fabulous piece of medieval machinery, which was once attached 60 years ago, and which is impossible to detach and put together again even with todays engineering. Really interesting. But idea to drive car with welded together steering shaft dont look very positive, so I better will buy full assembly (shaft+box) and find alternative shipment possibilities.
  18. So, I am sorry, no clear answer: will this item fit 1955 century shaft or not. Ok, let ask would it fit 1955 shaft with the use of standart machinery And is this original remanufactured item, or something other?
  19. For me it`s problem that I am in the Europe, and it`s impossible to transport whole shaft.
  20. Now I am little bit smarter and would like to ask - would any of the Chevy 1955 replacement steering boxes suit 1955 Buick? For example, this one: I mean, just box, not shaft.