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  1. Hi i need the pitman arm and draglink. I think i see the draglink on the front axel knuckel assy
  2. Hi all, I am a junior member looking for a pitman arm and draglink for my 1931 Plymouth PA. See pics attached. regards Dravid
  3. Sorry let me be more clear. I need the big brass fitting as well as the fittings at the end of the rubber brake pipe.
  4. Hi All, I need the front wheel cylinder fitting an rubber pipe for my 1931 plymouth pa. see pic. thanks to all.
  5. Hi All. Do the leaf springs take rubber bushes on both ends for front and rear springs. Please post pics if possible as I have not yet removed mine from the frame. Wishing everybody on this forum all the best for 2014 and thanks in advance for the help
  6. Hi do you still have these kits. How would I know if it is correct for my 1931 Plymouth PA 4 cylinder. What will it cos me shipped to South Africa. It sure looks exactly like the kit on my car.
  7. Hi All When the steering wheel turns, is the horn button and headlamp switch stalk supposed to turn with the steering wheel. If this is so then what prevents the headlamp switch from over winding or constantly altering the headlamps. My switch was disconnected but I want to have a go at restoring it. Thanks for the advice.
  8. Hi I am a junior member located in South Africa.
  9. Hi all thanks again for the advice. The car was from a very dry dusty type area most of its life in operation. It was then put into a wear house in 1973 until I found out and purchased it 2 years ago. The engine and chassis numbers all match as per the registration documents in my country. I also found some white paint markings on the chassis frame when cleaning it to repaint. There is no rust on the chassis frame and body. See pics for better idea of the condition and I would appreciate any advice to get this car back to original.
  10. Hi All Thanks for the on going advice. I removed the brake lines from my 31 PA and first saw them to be copper in colour but as i cleaned them I found the copper colour comming off turning them to a silver colour. The same for the fuel line. What material are these pipes supposed to be made from original, copper or steel. What would you suggest I do going forward. Thanks
  11. Hi can any one help me find tie rod ends for my 1931 plymouth. the numbers found on the old ones are 16SV189 F Thanks
  12. Hi would someone tell me if my 3 finger pressure plate can be adjusted to get the fingers to sit further away from the clutch plate. My car clutch kit in the assembled position shows very little travel for the release bearing to push before it reaches the end of its stroke + - 10 mm. I will try post some pics tomorrow. Thanks
  13. Thanks for the advice ply33. I will try your method explained and post some pics.
  14. Hi All. Can anybody help me understand how to get the rear side shaft bearings out from the axel. Please also explain how to set the adjustments when installing new bearings. All the do and donts will be appreciated. Thanks Dravid
  15. Hi Is it a 4 cylinder. I need the Carburator, Water Pump, torque spring from motor to chassis frame. Please post pictures of all that is for sale. maybe I can find other parts i need.
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