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  1. I’m changing out the original exhaust manifold bolts on my 57 Special and was wondering out replacing them with grade 8. Any thoughts and advice? Barry
  2. 1957 Buick Special with a stock Buick 4 barrel intake manifold. Barry
  3. I’m looking for a very good Carter Carburetor 2507S for rebuilding. Thanks for any help, Barry
  4. Any thoughts on 57 battery tray replacements? Crossover parts? or fabrication? Thanks for any help, Barry
  5. Looking for a 66 Riviera console car. Driver. No projects.
  6. Thanks Jason. Are you going to attend the June event in Gettysburg? If so I hope to see you there. B.
  7. On the Fisher Body Code plate in group 2 it is 2KGR. 2K is A/C. What is the GR? Thanks for any help, Barry
  8. Yeah, I understand what you guys are saying. I didn’t realize the cons of a 3.42. Now let me stir the pot a little bit. What would it take to convert from a 3.07 to a 3.23 limited slip? Bad idea? Parts from other models available and functional? Just asking, Barry
  9. Once again you guys come thru with great info. I appreciate all your comments and responses. Thanks, Barry
  10. I understand that the 66 Riviera GS had 3.42 Posi-traction. 1st.- what was the standard 66 Riviera differential, 3.23? and was it a limited slip, Posi-trac? 2nd.- Could you purchase and change the rear gears 3.42 and achieve the GS stock results? I’ve seen them for sale from TA Performance $559.00. Regards, Barry
  11. Trick question? In the teens. Looking for a 66 Riviera GS, solid driver, bucket seats, power windows, a/c and I live in Maryland. Regards, Barry
  12. Thanks for your replies. I’m interested in purchasing a 66 GS and while I’m doing my research I kept coming across the MZ code and wanted to see a picture but there none on the net. Hope to see you guys in Gettysburg this June. Bring me a 66 Riviera GS to buy or drool over. Regards, Barry
  13. Does anyone have photos and location of the factory “MZ” stamp on the 1966 Riviera 425 engine blocks? I’ve read and heard about but can’t find any pictures. Thanks for any help, Barry
  14. Thanks for all replies and you sound very correct. Regards, Barry
  15. Will a 1962-63 Oldsmobile Jetfire turbo fit on a Buick 215? I know the heads are slightly different but what about the intake manifolds? Any thoughts, Barry
  16. I found the answer from my previous post. Sorry for the bother. B.
  17. Are 2 door and 4 door fenders and hood interchangeable on the 57 Specials? Thanks for any help, Barry
  18. Will 4 door 1957 Buick Special front fenders fit on the 2 door version? Thanks for any help, Barry
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