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  1. 10-10-16 I am writing an illustrated history of factory air conditioning during the 1940-1942 and 1953-1960 periods. I continue to search for a photo of the 1940 Packard air conditioned demonstrator at the 1940 auto shows. Do you or anyone else have such a photo? I came across a 1941 Chicago Auto Show flyer which advertised "SEE THE MOTOR CAR THAT MAKES ICE CUBES," followed by "Special equipment for the Super-8 includes a cellarette, with service for six--including two trays of ice cubes! They freeze while you drive! Again, there's real refrigerated Air Conditioning to rout the heat of Summer! Don't miss it! Ask the man who owns one!" (See attached) I have found an article from the San Francisco Examiner 11-17-40 which illustrated the cellarette service. However, I am unable to find 1941 Packard literature to support the optional cellarette accessory. Do you or anyone else have such a brochure? (See attached) I would appreciate such information and will ensure that you are credited for it. Thanks, archiveman2977 1941 PACKARD OFFERS CELLARETTE BAR THAT MAKES ICE CUBES -SF EXAMINER 11-17-40 ABS 10-9-16.doc
  2. 10-5-16 I am searching for a 1940 auto show picture(s) of the 1940 Packard with the new "Weather-Conditioner" air conditioner. The picture will likely include some type of display advertising for the first time factory-installed air conditioner. Yes, I understand that Packard shipped its cars to its sub-contractor, Bishop and Babcock in Cleveland. Nevertheless, the "Weather-Conditioner" was factory authorized, installed, and warranted through Packard. This picture will be included in my illustrated history of U.S. factory air conditioned cars, beginning with the 1940-1942 period and continuing with the 1953 through 1960 models. With this publication, the legacy of the air conditioning literature will be utilized and recorded. I appreciate your response and will ensure that your contribution will be credited in the publication. Thanks, archiveman2977
  3. 12-4-15 Hello Hans, Thanks for your reply. Yes, my topic for the book covers factory-installed air conditioning. Your 1953 Buick Roadmaster Riviera, however, sets itself apart from "just another hang-on aftermarket air conditioner" installation because of its condition and for its beautiful Mandarin Red and Majestic White color combination. I would appreciate more images from you because there may be a place in the 1953 Buick chapter for your car. If you would like to supply more images, please let me know. Thanks, Allen S.-archiveman2977
  4. 11-30-15 Hello Hans1965, What a beautiful 1953 Buick Roadmaster Riviera you own. The color combination of Mandarin Red Poly and Majestic White project an air of prestige and luxury which was very important in 1953. The1953 Buick advertised, "BUICK'S GREATEST CARS IN 50 GREAT YEARS!" For their anniversary year Buick introduced its first V-8 engine, the first 12-volt electrical system, the "MILLION DOLLAR RIDE," and, importantly, the BUICK AIRCONDITIONER (no hyphen between AIR and CONDITIONER in the sales literature). Based upon the Riviera's cost of $3358, this first year's Frigidaire air conditioning system cost $594, a very expensive optional accessory. I am writing an illustrated history of factory-installed auto air conditioning. With your permission I would like to display your Buick in the 1953 Buick chapter. Your images shown here are a high-resolution quality and will be excellent for publication. If you wish to provide more images of the car and the system components, please contact me. I will, of course, include your name in the captions. Thank you, archiveman2977
  5. 2-4-14 Hi, Fr. Buick, Muchas gracias, many thanks for sending me a copy of the 1953-1954 BUICK AIR CONDITIONER MANUAL. The copy you sent is ...far better...than my original copy from a poor copier. In addition, I found you in a USA TODAY video with your beautiful 1954 Buick Super. The combination of the two inspires me to ...keep writing... in the chapter about the 1953 Buick Airconditioner. Thanks again, Allen Archiveman2977
  6. 2-2-14 Hi, Charles, Thanks, I'm aware of that. I have photographed the 1953 evaporators--Cadillac, Oldsmobile and Buick--all with the GM-Frigidaire label and realized there was something missing from the 1954-on cabinets. In fact, there were no identification labels on them, so that it was difficult to differentiate each cabinet from its brethren, so I made sure to take pics with their tailfins. Thanks, Allen Archiveman2977
  7. 2-3-14 Hi, Charles, Yup, I have through 1955 Oldsmobile AC shop manuals. When the time comes, I will contact you for info from the others. Thanks to you, last year I supplemented the info on the 1954 Pontiac AC that I had accumulated and copied it from your AACA posts. As I already mentioned, I'm still working on 1953. Thanks, Allen Archiveman2977
  8. 1-31-14 Hi, Charles Thanks for your reply. I have previously read all your comments concerning the 1954 Pontiac up-front AC vs. the 1954 Nash up-front system. In fact, I was mesmerized by your knowledge and tenacity for the 1954 Pontiac AC subject. I recall that during the -great debate- of Who's First?" I added my two cents in--probably sometime in 2012, by adding the publication dates for the 1954 Pontiac AC and 1954 Nash AC from my service manual copies. As I remember, Pontiac had the earliest service manual publication date. I lapped up the information about your assistance last year with the 1954 Pontiac Star Chief in collaboration with Dave Roberts with Delphi. The Picador Red-Winter White Pontiac on the cover of ACtion magazine is stunning. I had already planned to contact you and commiserate about the story of Pontiac and Harrison Radiator; however, I am still actively writing the 1953 Cadillac, Oldsmobile and Buick AC chapters. In other words, I'm not to -1954- yet. Thanks for your comments. I will look forward to your 1954 Pontiac encyclopedia of knowledge, soon, I hope. Regards, Allen Archiveman2977
  9. 1-31-14 Hi, Dave Yes, I have searched/enjoyed the Old Car Manual/Brochures site many times. It's amazing how you can get lost in it--and literally hours pass while enjoying the pics, renderings, specs and topics while entering a previous world where those cars were seen every day. I grew up in Houston where I never got tired at looking for the newest, most luxurious, or ...air conditioned...cars that one day I knew I could ...grow up...and buy. I have checked out several of your sites today and realize that there are, indeed, those who really enjoy the art of old cars and what they stood for. Thanks, Allen Archiveman2977
  10. 1-29-14 I am writing an illustrated history of the evolution of factory air conditioning and am currently seeking 1953-1960 Oldsmobile press releases, owner's manuals, fact book information and other pertinent ephemera which includes the initial road testing, introduction and updating of the air conditioning systems. With this exercise, the legacy of the air conditioning literature will be utilized and recorded. In a much larger context, I have collected multi-make AC literature and am in the process of writing about AC evolution through illustrations not only of Oldsmobile, but of all car makes, 1953-1960, plus the 1940-1942 time period. I will appreciate your response and I will ensure that your contributions will be credited in the publication. Thank you, Archiveman2977 Allen B. Simons
  11. 1-25-14 Hi, Buicknutty/Keith, I have just realized that I didn't send you a PM with my address for you to send me your 1956 Buick literature! I will PM you now--and thanks for your generous offer of the literature. Allen Archiveman2977
  12. 1-25-14 Hi, Rob--It doesn't seem that I PM'd you my address to forward your copy of the -cooling- brochure. I will do it now. Thanks, Allen Archiveman2977
  13. 1-17-14 Hi, buick5563/Mike, Thanks for your response. Since I live in the Austin suburb of Bastrop, a visit to your shop sounds great. I will schedule it with you after February 1. I viewed your 1955 Buick Special. It's a knockout. Is it Cascade Blue/Dover White or Gulf Turquoise/Dover White? Regards, Archiveman2977 Allen
  14. 1-17-14 Hi, Fr. Buick, Thanks for the offer. I'll send you a PM. Thanks, Archiveman2977 Allen
  15. 1-17-14 Hi, Fr. Buick, Thanks for the offer. I'll send you a PM. Thanks, Archiveman2977 Allen
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