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  1. As an immigrant, with no history of American cars in my youth I never thought I would get bitten by the bug.... We had just moved back to north of Atlanta, after 14 years in Central Florida. On a road near our house, someone was selling a red late 40's car. turned out to be a resto-mod Dodge 48 or 49. Looked at it but it was noisy (hot rod) and pricey. But then something was itching. Started looking on-line at ATClassics & ClassicCars.com. Found a '50 Plymouth(?) south of Atlanta, but it was more a street rod too (no chrome trim, black bumper and modern engine). Sales guy said easier t
  2. I have a 425 engine with transmission with 60K on them. This is a 425 Rocket, but I believe it to be the lower horsepower of the two Rockets that year. They were pulled from a 1967 Olds Delmont 88. The engine is complete and equiped a 2 barrel carb and manifold. Both engine and transmission ran great when pulled last year. I was going to put them in another project but never got around to it. I'm located in NJ (08064). I'm selling these together for $500. Pick up only.
  3. Hello all, my grandfather bought a 1924 Oldsmobile Opera Coupe, it didn't come with a battery and although I know it is a six volt car, I don't know if it is positive or negative ground. Also, where is the serial number normally located? And the engine number? Another question I have, is about the kind of Carburetor we have on the car. I know the original was a Zenith but they could be replaced. The car has a Marvel-Schebler TSXU-832 Carburetor on it. Before we start digging in and getting the car running, I wanted to know if this carb was worth keeping? Any help would really be appreciated. T
  4. Hello all, my grandfather bought a 1924 Oldsmobile Opera Coupe, it didn't come with a battery and although I know it is a six volt car, I don't know if it is positive or negative ground. Also, where is the serial number normally located? And the engine number? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Vintagecarguy.
  5. I JUST FOUND TWO 1973 OLDSMOBILE VISTA CRUISER STATION WAGONS for sale on EBay. They are completely original survivor cars in very good condition. eBay item number:141657744926 eBay item number:141657758391 http://www.ebay.com/itm/141657744926...%3AMEBIDX%3AIT http://www.ebay.com/itm/141657758391...%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  6. Looking for the ultimate head turner... this California Classic Convertible 442 Oldsmobile is a very fast car and in excellent restored condition... contact me for more pics or questions by email or text 513-383-4844 Thanks, Joe
  7. This is a very nice care with the rare flathead V8 engine. Price is $35,000 Photos are available upon request.
  8. Hey Guys, I have recently acquire a 1955 Oldsmobile Super 88 that is in need of restoration. For references sake, the car is located in Canada. I'm starting my initial research into parts availability, vendors, etc. that go with. The plan is that once the car is home, I'll be completing a frame up restoration on it to renew it to it's original condition. Timeline: 5 years. Part of the incentive behind this is that the vehicle was originally my great-grandfathers, so it has some family history behind it. I'm wondering what members recommend for some reading, recommended vendors for part
  9. I have tried searching the different forums (fori??), as I am sure that this topic has come up before. Unfortunately the search tool is not sophisticated and brings up a lot non-relevant data. So apologies if I am asking something already answered elsewhere. What oil is the best to use in my 1951 Olds 88 rocket V-8, e.g. high-mileage, synthetic vs non-synthetic? I have posed this in the general Technical section as I expect that the make is not important, but the year could have an impact on your answers. Also, are there any additives that I should think about using, e.g. oil stabilizer. I a
  10. I'm looking for some experts who may be able to help provide information regarding this awesome wooden sign I found. It's made of all wood, with a nice painted scene of a gentleman with handlebar mustache and yellow scarf riding in an Oldsmobile. The sign has a raised car made from wooden and flattened metal tacked down. A little rough around the edges, but definitely has all the appropriate wear that would make me think that this dates to the early 1900s. With that said, has anyone seen anything like this, or know where this might have been displayed? (I'm guessing a dealership). Any co
  11. Specifically looking for an 'M', with interest in one or two 'I's (I do have 'I's but they have lost one of the mounting pegs)
  12. Hi all, I am new to this forum and I am searching for the rust free, dent free pair of rear bumper guards for my 1950 Oldsmobile "98" Deluxe. Good chrome would be a plus. If you have a pair, or even one, please contact me at bslook@aol.com Thanks for reading my request, Brian
  13. Please visit www.smithsclassiccarclocks.com for a complete listing of our current inventory 1932 1933 Cadillac, 1934 1935 Buick, 1936 Cadillac, 1936 Oldsmobile, 1937 Cadillac, 1937 Oldsmobile, 1940 Oldsmobile, 1940-1947 Buick, 1941-1948 Oldsmobile, 1941 Ford, 1942 Dodge, 1942, 1946-1947 Packard, 1946 1947 1948 Dodge, 1947 1948 1949 Studebaker, 1947 1948 Ford, 1948 Buick, 1948-1952 Oldsmobile, 1949-1950 Kaiser, 1949-1951 Frazer, 1949 Lincoln NOS, 1949 1950 Chevrolet, 1950 1951 1952 Cadillac, 1951-1954 Pontiac, 1951 Ford, 1951-1953 Hudson, 1951-1952 Chevrolet, 1952-1953 Ford, 1953 Buick, 1952-1
  14. 1970 Olds Cutlass frame off restoration - garage kept - never seen rain $29,000 479-366-9366 Restored with a 350 ram jet crate engine with less than 4,000 miles. Spent over $40,000 to restore. Modifications include: New 350 engine Vintage AC New Phoenix transmission New interior Tangerine orange color New wire harness New rear end New stainless steel gas tank Ram air hood New American racing wheels Complete under frame powder coating Complete rebuild documentation
  15. Hi, I am new to this forum & am looking for some help with the A/C on my 1993 Olds. When I got the vehicle the freon had all leaked out so I am trying to recharge it. I bought a conversion kit to R134a and have been able to get the compressor to run by snipping the wires to the compressor clutch & direct wiring it from the battery so that now it has a full charge. However, when I put it back on its own electrical wiring. the compressor won't kick in and run. I've run down the codes on the ALDL and the only error I got was 23 = MAT/IAT, which I've confirmed is faulty. I was able to
  16. I have a 41 Oldsmobile Woodie Wagon, which is largely original. I purchased the vehicle about eight (8) years ago from a family going through a rough spot in life. The patriarch of the family had changed the factory engine for a late 70's, early 80's Oldsmobile 455. My understanding is that the choice to change the engine, was largely due to the lack of resources at the time (lack of the internet, or knowing where to find parts). Nevertheless, I'm not sure what the present value of the vehicle actually is, as I haven't seen another 41 recently sell? Can anyone assist in the as
  17. Not wishing to cross post; however, I just realized that there is a forum for the National Woodie Club... Nevertheless, the link to my original post is below and I copied my post to save you a click. http://forums.aaca.org/f136/1941-oldsmobile-woodie-wagon-help-pricing-369582.html I have a 41 Oldsmobile Woodie Wagon, which is largely original. I purchased the vehicle about eight (8) years ago from a family going through a rough spot in life. The patriarch of the family had changed the factory inline-six, for a late 70's, early 80's Oldsmobile 455. My understanding is that the choic
  18. 1-29-14 I am writing an illustrated history of the evolution of factory air conditioning and am currently seeking 1953-1960 Oldsmobile press releases, owner's manuals, fact book information and other pertinent ephemera which includes the initial road testing, introduction and updating of the air conditioning systems. With this exercise, the legacy of the air conditioning literature will be utilized and recorded. In a much larger context, I have collected multi-make AC literature and am in the process of writing about AC evolution through illustrations not only of Oldsmobile, but of all car mak
  19. Hey guys, I just wanted to share some of the cool buckles I create and sell. I have more that are not shown in this post. What do you guys think? In most of the pictures the buckles are taken without the buckle backing. I sell them on Etsy and ebay. You can find my stuff by searching for RusticKars. Let me know what you guys think. Im a huge old car enthusiast. belt buckles, GTO, Oldsmobile, Charger, Buick, Cadillac, Corvette, Chevrolet, SS, Ford truck,
  20. I have for sale a set of (4) wire wheel covers for 1968 Oldsmobile F-85, Cutlass, 442, possible other models for 1968-1969. These are in excellent condition with only minor scuffs/dings, and have been dry stored for many years. These are NOT junkyard covers that have been exposed to the elements for 40 years! Pictures are available here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/291051049026?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649#ht_649wt_611 Thanks for looking!
  21. Here's some information on the next car show coming up on the Museum's lawn! (Held by the Blue/Gray Chapter of the Oldsmobile Club of America) Calling all Oldsmobile, Buick and Pontiac Enthusiasts! TheBlue/Gray Chapter of the Oldsmobile Club of America invites you to join us forthe first ever -- Oldsmobile, Buick and Pontiac Classic and Antique AutomobileShow at the AACA Museum on Sunday, August 11th! Registration is from 10am until Noon. The show will run fromNoon to 3pm and awards will be presented at 3:30pm. Dash Plaques will be givento the first 20 cars along with goodie bags sponsored
  22. Hi, This two-tone beauty is from Dayton, Ohio and is on the scene of a fire at 5th & Pine streets in the early 1950's. I wish I had a view showing the front end, but this is it. I would like to know the year, manufacturer, and model. I'm certain someone will recognize it! Steve
  23. Hello, Here is what I have for sale. 1963 Oldsmobile Starfire convertible; new engine, 700r4 conversion, new tires and wheels, new brakes, new exhaust, new gas tank, NO RUST! New radiator. Almost everything on this car is new. 1963 Oldsmobile Starfire coupe, 394 v8, 86,000 original miles, on a convertible frame, small rust in he trunk and driver floor. Brand new brakes. 1963 Oldsmobile floor board and trunk w/ quarters 100% rust free! Dynamic 88 convertible body. Two 1963 Coupe or sedan frames with wheels and tires. I have TONS of parts! Two many to fit in my shop actually! Call me if I
  24. How can I find out how many 72 Cutlass S Club Sedans were made?? With a 350 engine. Vin# says 350 was the original. Any sites to check out to give me more info? All the production numbers I have found are Cutlass with a 442. I have been searching for weeks and I can't find anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys!
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