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  1. 1936 dodge pickup cab to frame bolts: what is the location for the 3 bolts with springs Thank you
  2. How long can single stage polyethylene paint be stored Thank You
  3. We have a Bonnie and Clyde movie car and the brakes squeel just like the sound effects, they got that one right.
  4. Thank you, the cable is for a 1924 Flint E55, I annealed the original ends, drilled the head end for a soldered connection and broached a square in the drive end. I used nylon tubing inside the original housing and fit a universal core. I'll find out Tuesday if it works
  5. how can a Stewart link type speedometer cable be converted to a modern type cable? Thank You
  6. can anyone shed light on the valve timing for the continental 6W engine used in a 1924 Flint model H