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  1. Will there be trailer parking at the show site or just at some of the hotels
  2. when can we sign up for the 2020 national meet at allentown
  3. does anybody when they post the results of the 2016 grand national
  4. is the show field at the show on blacktop or geass
  5. Great show had a nice time . Do you have any more pictures
  6. Looking to get new truck to haul my 24' enclosed trailer total weight about 8500 lb with car. I know deisl is the best but would like to stay with gas.Will get pickup. Now I use my work van 2500 gmc but with work tools the load seems to much and I,m right at my max towing with out tools . I read back awhile ago that they where coming out in 2011 with a pick out with special tow package but forgot the make . Any help Thanks Jack
  7. Just ordered a my frist trailer and I want to get a weight distribution and sway control set up . I hear the equalizer are the best but I saw a new reese 66074 model. Not sure which I should go with . Trailer is 24foot enclosed 10,000 lb I will be carrying 7500lb car and trailer . Any input ? Thanks Jack
  8. anyone hear of a diamond-bendron trailer ? good or bad info
  9. i am buying my first 24foot enclosed car trailer. can anyone let my know what brands are good or bad . i have read the posts and have gotten great info on size and opitions but there are so many brands and prices . i just what a safe trailer to go to meets 4 or 5 times a year.thanks for any help
  10. Is the firday night dinner a formal thing or just casual no suit and tie thanks jack
  11. does any one know the closest hotel to the show field at canandaigua. thanks
  12. Does anyone know where the 2011 & 2012 eastern spring meets are to be held and also the dates. The calender does not list them as open so I guess they are set.
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