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  1. '36 Century starts and runs fine for a few miles and dies. I've installed a new rotory electric fuel pump, a rebuilt fuel pump thinking that was the problem but to no avail. This started after taking it in for a tune up. The cap, rotor, condenser and points were replaced. Also the spark plugs. This started on the way home from the repair shop. Looking back I'm wondering if there is something that was replaced in the distributor that could cause this. I felt the fuel pumps were just getting old and needed to be replaced but now I'm thinking it could be electrical getting hot. I live in Arkans
  2. Billbudd, the car is a Century. I want to thank you all for replying. I'll try with a vented cap but what is puzzling is that I had no problem last summer. I've ordered a rebuilt fuel pump and will also replace the electric pump. They are both old and the electric pump is noisey.
  3. I have a '36 Buick with a rounded gas cap without any visable venting. I've been having trouble with the car dying out after driving for a short distance, 2-3 miles. I have an older electric fuel pump that sometimes helps and sometimes not. After sitting for 5 to 10 minutes it will start and run fine but die out again down the road. I'm thinking of replacing the cars fuel pump but I'm wondering if the gas cap has anything to do with this. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Does anyone know where I can buy the gasket that goes between the carburator and the riser? Thanks
  5. Snyders Antique Auto Parts has the one TEXRIV_63 mentioned, they're $59.95
  6. I have a '36 Century and the emblem is right on the metal.
  7. Bob, I have a '36 Century with the banjo steering wheel that as far as I know is original and I don't see anything special about the shift knob. It's just a plain black knob.
  8. Does anyone know of a good place to get replacement carpet or vinyl mat precut to fit a '36 Buick?
  9. Does anyone know of a good adhesive for gluing down the rubber on running boards? Something that will give a little working time before setting up. Thanks
  10. Does any one know if the lug bolts on a '36 Buick are left hand or right hand? They're on real tight and I'm wondering if back then they were lefties and I'm making them tighter..
  11. No luck on the photos. My email is mikepahl@suddenlink.net if you want to contact me and I'll send the photos to you.
  12. Mark, here's a couple of photos. Thanks for replying, maybe they're the same. Hope these go through.
  13. I'm in need of a jack handle for a '36 Buick. A photo or even a drawing of one would be fine so as I could have one made. I need the shape and some dimensions if possible. Thanks
  14. Does anyone know where to purchase the screws and washers that hold the mouldings to the doors and around the windshield and rear windows? This is for a 36 Century 4dr Thanks
  15. I'm interested in the jack. Do you have any photos? My email is mikepahl@suddenlink.net
  16. :confused: Where can a person find an oil filter for a '36 Buick straight 8? Also need a jack and would like to know where it is stored on a '36 Century 4dr. with side mounts. I'm a newbe at this old car stuff and need all the help I can get. Thanks.
  17. I'm a newbe and have a '36 Century and can't find a supplier for basic parts such as a coil, oil filter, points, plugs and so on. Is there such a place to purchase items like this? Thanks for any help
  18. The old Buick runs a little towards the warm side as the weather in Arkansas starts to heat up. I'm wondering if removing the thermostat would be an advantage or cause a problem of another nature. Anyone know?
  19. I have a dome light that needs replacing in my '36 Buick Century 4Dr. I need to know how to get the chrome ring and lens off without ruining something. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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