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  1. Does anyone have a generator for a '36 Buick Century?
  2. Lucas makes a hot rod and classic car oil formulated with the zinc and phosphorus needed for those engines.
  3. I have a '36 Buick with the jack and I'll get it out and post a photo for you.
  4. Thanks Vila, I did contact Lucas and it sounds like a good oil for old engines. I had wondered if anyone had used it and what they thought. I'll try it.
  5. Has anyone used the Lucas Hot rod and Classic oil from Lucas? Just wondering if it's a good choice.
  6. Bud, my email is mikepahl@suddenlink.net
  7. Hi Bud, if you'll send your email I'll send you some photos of it to make sure it's what you want.
  8. Hi Bud, the only numbers I can find are a P21502 and 1-3/16 This carb is for a 60, 80 and a 90 '36 Buick. It has the goose neck intake. Mike
  9. What model is it, I have a working Stromberg EE22
  10. I checked with the seller and it sold for $36,500.
  11. Thanks for the reply David. It sounds a little scary. I'll try it that way and hope for no fires.
  12. Looking in my shop manual for float adjustment on a Stromberg EE22 it states that in order to set the float at 5/8" from the top of the float bowl the car needs to be running with the top of the carburetor off. Has anyone heard of this or done it? Also it doesn't look like 5/8" is correct.
  13. Merry Christmas to you Grant, from Arkansas. '36 Buick Century
  14. My headlight switch is shorted out and I'm wondering if it can be repaired or can an after market switch be used in place of it.
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