Red Riviera Bob

63 Riviera original wheel cover rust repair

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On 6/14/2017 at 6:30 PM, rodneybeauchamp said:

Red Riviera Bob,


Great idea to try to repair what you already have. With some parts you may never find another one.


Friend of mine restored a 38 and 39 Pontiac, 27 Dodge and a 61 Tempest. He would always try to repair what he could while others would "sit and wait till the perfect part comes along". He got his cars done while others were still waiting among their bits.


And when he found a much better replacement at a swapmeet, usually at a bargain price, he would clean that up and it would go on the car. And then sell the one he had repaired, usually covering the cost of both.


" Do one thing every day" was his motto, and it certainly works.


just my two bobs worth.😀😀😀

Rodney, I appreciate your observation of how your friend made things work until something else came along to make it better. I'm a child of the 1933 United Stated Depression Era Grandparents and parents. I could go on for two weeks giving incredible examples of making "do" with what you have available. Please know I'm not cheap or take short cuts to save pennies when it is not necessary. I want things built to last, be strong, and reliable. If my hubcap patch job falls off that is ok because I have a spare ready to put on the car, so far the patch job is holding just fine. Having to have things perfect is a curse. You always want to do your best.

Thanks again, Cheers!

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One of the guys on this forum nailed it in a post once when he said " don't let PERFECT get in the way of GOOD"


As much as we often strive for perfection, sometimes we have to be satisfied with less.


And like you, hate to see waste which is why I try to repair what I can and replace what I have to😀


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On 6/16/2017 at 0:51 PM, steelman said:

You mean these?



Steelman, those wheel covers are the top shelf! Have any idea where 4 of these could be purchased? Cool factor is very high in my book.

Red Riviera Bob

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