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Thanks for the words of wisdom, Jason. Unlike me, U definitely have the experience from building multiple cars (maybe I can borrow your wallet haha). Thanks for the input. 


I am not a quitter. I will keep plugging away. I may only be taking baby steps but that sure beats quitting in my book


Having fun with this is a great way to keep motivated. I shoulda placed this video in my thread prior to my showing u guys my bare metal & then epoxy primer process.  Oh well...hope u guys enjoy me rolling into the sunset Cheech & Chong style with my poor mans drone haha...I got tired of this look pretty quick haha




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20 hours ago, RockinRiviDad said:


I sure wish I woulda known 5 years ago what I know now...I woulda totally done the same “just go with it” & learn

I've owned my 67 mustang for 16 years now. I've put about 14K into it, and i'll be lucky to get 5K from it. That car's been a real education, about the car, and about myself both.

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