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  1. I found this hood ornament in a box of tools I recently picked up. Can anyone give me an idea of it's age. Thanks in advance.
  2. 1940 Super Engine Splash Pan

    Here are the ones from my '36 Special. There is also a third one that goes between the frame rails and under the harmonic balancer.
  3. I've got a number of 1936 parts for sale on eBay. They are mostly pads and grommets from Steele Rubber or Metro Moulded Parts and are new in unopened packages. Some fit other years as well. Headlight Mounting Pads Tail Light Pads Tail Light Pad (single) Front Hood corner pads Rear Hood corner pads Fuel Filler Neck grommet Rear Bumper Arm grommets Trunk Hinge Mounting Pads Brake and Clutch Pedal Pads Valve Cover decal
  4. Hopefully last question on 36 rear bumper

    In the end I went with the gravel guard last as you said. It seemed to fit better that way.
  5. I'm in the process of reinstalling my rear bumper and gravel guard. The question I have is where the gravel guard goes in relation to the bumper and brackets. Is the sequence bumper, gravel guard mounts, bumper mounts or bumper, bumper mounts, gravel guard mounts?
  6. Another 36 bumper question

    Thanks for the reply. Turns out that my daughter helped me remove them years ago and when I looked closer she had written RR and LR on them and they are curve up.
  7. Another 36 bumper question

    The bumper mounting brackets for the 36's have a slight s-curve in them. What is the proper way to mount them. Curve up so the bumper slightly higher from the ground or curve down closer to the ground. Mine are currently curve up and the trunk lid still clears the bumper, which is the only thing I can see mattering.
  8. 1936 bumper gravel deflector

    Thanks, I wasn't sure if it went at the top or bottom of the bumper.
  9. It's time for me to spruce up the rear bumper brackets and the gravel shield on my 36 sedan. Does anyone know what color the gravel shield should be painted? I'm assuming it's black or body color. I'm leaning towards a semi gloss black.
  10. 1936 Buick trunk floor mat

    I finally had time to get out to the garage. I've attached several closeups of the tie down loops. The set nearest the trunk lid were fairly corroded and have been covered with a bed liner style paint. Both sets of loops are the same size and I also posted close up of the one behind the seat. The loops are 20 inches apart center-to-center in both sets. Individual loops are 2.5 inches total length and a litttle over 2 inches center-to-center of the screw holes. There is also a picture of a part number although it does not appear to be a standard Buick number. Hope this helps and let me know if you need any other pictures. Greg
  11. 1936 Buick trunk floor mat

    Paul, Sorry for the delay. I was on honey-do duty today delivering an equipment trailer to a church girls camp where my wife is one of the leaders. Didn't realize it included unloading said trailer and setting up numerous tents. I just barely got home. I'll post pictures and measurements of the loops tomorrow when ive got better light. Greg
  12. 1936 Buick trunk floor mat

    Here's the trunk my in my 36 sedan with sidemounts. It does not have the wooden shelf. As far as I know this original. I'm not sure why it doesn't go all the way to the right edge. It's not shifted too far to the left because the slots for the tie down loops are in place.
  13. 1936 firewall pad

    Tom, I'm quite interested in the SS trim info as well. I'm to the point where I could get it installed. I'm curious as to what kind of clips you're using. If I remember correctly myu old trim was attached with the kind that are a flat metal tab which goes through a slit in the running board and fenders and then is twisted to hold the trim in place. Greg
  14. 1936 firewall pad

    I was about to ask the same question. If prices just keep going up I may pull out the original trim strips and see if they can't be hammered out to look decent. Greg
  15. 1936 firewall pad

    Tom, I looked a replacing the firewall pad a few years ago as well. I remember the pads at the time being in the low 200's but didn't get one at the time. Not sure why the prices jumped so much. I've done all the painting on my car. This is the first time I've painted one. It looks good from 20 feet which is fine with me. I want a driver not a show car. The biggest thing I learned was to be patient. The first coat or two wont look that great. The depth of color comes after several coats. Every time I got in trouble was when I thought I'd just hurry it along. All that did was guarantee runs. In the end even with the flaws it's nice to look at and think wow I did that. Greg