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  1. My 1936 40 was sold new in Bisbee, AZ. It came with the long heavy duty air cleaner that had a bent support rod to clear the air cleaner. I'll get some pictures tomorrow.
  2. Here's a few more pictures of my gravel deflector after I painted it. Based on a comment from a year ago I installed it at the bottom of the bumper. I have never like this orientation. Based on an image in the Master Parts book (attached below) I think it should be reversed. I'm also posting a picture of the listing in the parts book. It makes no distinction among the various body types for the 1935 Series 40 cars. groselle Greg
  3. Greg, Section 7.833 of my Buick Master Parts book lists a number of different rear bumper gravel deflectors for the 1935 Buick. For series 40 it lists a right, left, and center. So it may be in three pieces. I've attached a picture of the one for my 1936 41 trunk back sedan. It's installed upside down in this picture according to other folks on this forum. I've since painted it and installed the correct way. I can get you pictures tomorrow if you like. Hope this helps, Greg
  4. Apologies if it appeared I was stirring the pot earlier when I reposted a quote from someone else's earlier post. I did not intend to do so, sometimes my phone and fat fingers don't get along with each other.
  5. Does anyone know what the proper color scheme for the Fisher tag is on a 36 Special? It seems like they've varied slightly over the years from all black background to black with a blue coach. Also has anybody repainted one and have any tips. Thanks in advance.
  6. On my 1936 Special Sedan one key fits all locks: ignition, glove box, door, trunk, and side mount spare tires. Greg
  7. Rod, Here's a picture of my generator with temporary wiring. The red wire attaches to the 'AMM' terminal and runs to the positive terminal on the ammeter. The negative ammeter terminal then connects to the starter at the battery input. The blue wire connects to the back of the light switch, which connects to the starter solenoid relay. The black wire closest to the fender connects with the condenser to the terminal next to the red wire. The black wire closest to the engine is ground. In the picture it's connected to the relay mount. I've also seen it connected to the generator body via the screw just visible towards the engine. Hope this helps. Greg
  8. The tabs for the connections should be stamped with 'bat', 'grd', and 'amm'. It may be under the washers. When I get home from work I can provide some pictures. I believe there's also an illustration in the shop manual. Greg
  9. Here's two pictures of the firewall in my 1936 Special. Pretty sure the small hole in the very center is for the speaker mount. Greg
  10. I've got an original 1936 Deluxe heater that's not installed. I've attached pictures below along with a shot of my firewall showing the punchouts for the heater hoses and holes for the heater mounts. Soory about the bad drawing it's the best I can do with this stupid mouse pad.
  11. The first car I really feel in love with was a 1936 Pontiac. I was 12 and it sat in a field in the small town in Montana where my great grandmother lived. At the time it could have been gassed up and driven away. My grandmother went with me to visit the owner whom she knew. I wanted to buy it but he wouldn't sell as it had been his mother's. I tried again 10 years later but no deal. By then all the glass had been smashed out and various bits stolen. I watched over the ensueing 20 years as it slowly rotted away and was eventually hauled off for scrap. Still pains me 40 years later.
  12. Bill, It looks like you have a Special, but that is based only on the fact that there is no chrome trim strip running along the top of the headlights. There shouild be a data plate on the right side of the cowl in the engine bay. The numbers on that will tell us for sure. I've attached a picture below of the plate on my car. Greg
  13. Welcome Bill. I have a 36 Special 4 Dr that I'm in the process of restoring. I have always had good luck with Bob's Automobilia. I have a somewhat up to date blog on my efforts. The link is in my signature. Happy to answer any questions Greg
  14. Tom, It turns out that I have two different floor plates for the steering shaft/brake/clutch. They are the same overall dimensions but the spacing and size of the holes are different. I'm not sure what their model application is. I don't appear to have anything for the shift and brake lever area. I'm attaching some pictures of each. Here's the first one, I'll do the second in a separate post. I'll work on some dimensional tracings as well. Greg