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  1. Dodge van 1972 n.o.s. grill,. $350.+ shipping.
  2. N.O.S. Olsmobile complet,no box,never use back-up light. $135. + shipping .
  3. Ford truck n.o.s. Fuel gauge parts # C1TF-9280-B for 1961-64 in Ford box $75.00 + shipping
  4. One n.o.s. Tail light sleeve in Ford box # COLF-13488-B Mercury Monterey 1961 $75.00 + shipping
  5. Ford truck parking Len 's 1961-62 on Ford box parts #C1TZ-13208 $45.+shipping
  6. Ford 1950 new parking Len's glass in yellow box. $35.+shipping
  7. N.O.S. Mercury parking Len,s have only one ,parts # C2MY-13208-B for a 1962. $45.+shipping
  8. One 1958 olsmobile fender Molding ,left side upper. parts # 571885, n.o.s.only one I have. $350. + shipping.
  9. Sorry I did not put a price on my Camaro cow induction hood in my post. the price is $2.500.00 GM original #3949708 you must pic it up,Iwill not ship this part.
  10. Nos.eddy

    Camaro,Cow-induction Hood Nos

    Camaro original GM,1967/69 Cow -induction hood in the GM box, parts # 3949708 mint condition . I will not ship this hood ,you must pic it up ,and pay for it $ am in Smiths Falls Ontario,Canada.
  11. Mustang n.o.s.full quarter pair,for 1964/66 parts # C5ZZ-7627846-B and C5ZZ-7627847-B Origenal Ford parts,mint condition ,selling as a pair only. $2,500.00 +shipping, wI'll take them out of storage,and pictures will be taking this week , I will post them,
  12. Ford 1932/34 king pin sets Nos part # K,39 $100.+ shipping
  13. One Dodge custom 1940 back left side,n.o.s.fender. $500.+ shipping.e
  14. Nos.eddy

    N.O.S. Buick fender.

    The 1954 Buick fender is in Smiths Falls Ontario. Eddy.
  15. Nos.eddy

    N.O.S. Buick wildcats fender

    The 1966 Buick wildcat fender is in Smiths Falls Ontario . Eddy.