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1919 engine turns slightly


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first off thAnks to all who replied to my earlier question. i turn the ignition on and hear the starter turning, but when i engage it i can see the fan turn about two inches and thats all i get, i have taken out the plugs, and squited some oil in each cylinder, plugs are still out, can turn over with hand crank, but not easliy, also put a charge on the battery, it came out of my 53 packard, and started it just fine last week, thanks in advance for any suggestions mark in ohio

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hi bubba, i stopped trying to turn the engine when i noticed two out of the twelve rods going down the starter/gen. side are noticable bent. i have taken a picture and sent it to this comp. and could e-mail it to you if interested, i hope i havent created a big problem with this car?

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