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  1. 1958 Buick Century Coupe. 32,780 miles Power windows, Power Brakes, Power Steering, 6 way Power seat, Radio with Rear Speaker and Fader, Drivers outside rearview mirror with spotlight, special white paint . I looked a long time to find a highly optioned car. The mileage is supposed to be original and the interior looks it to be except the rug. I believe the drivers side has been repainted. Has new brake hoses and dual master cylinder added.. Need adjustment cause they grab. New shoes. The seat moved one way and didn't go back. Was tuned up. Carb rebuilt. Price is $23,000. The car is only for sale because I am not supposed to drive anymore. I will not be upset if you don't want it. In New Jersey bimorph@yahoo.com
  2. Looks like the car that a big collector, known for his tires, had for sale. I have a list of all known models left by serial number that I can't find right now. They were over ten grand new. Knight sleeve engine . I was told that if you're driving and it stops smoking then you're in trouble. Was looking for s town car for years. Not any more.
  3. Nice car. If it's running very rich but doesn't stall right away it could be the vacuum tank on the firewall. You don't say how familiar you are with them but the vacuum line from the engine sucks gas into the vacuum tank until it reaches certain level where the float in the tank shuts itself off and the gas drains by gravity into the carb. If this isn't working right gas get sucked into the vacuum line going to the intake manifold causing black smoke and sputtering. In your driveway disconnect the line at the manifold plug the fitting. it will run a short while off the gas in the vacuum tank . Take pictures of your vacuum tank and post them here. I don't know any vacuum tank user that this hasn't happened to. Once you get it right it works fine. I don't think it's the carb float cause it would happen sooner. Gas isn't pouring out of the carb, is it? Make sure that there isn't an electric fuel pump hidden somewhere under the car. If your vacuum tank is hooked up this probably isn't so . Get yourself a Dykes repair book off eBay. It's a thick blue covered book. Get one at least a year later than your car. They made one every year.
  4. The one that you have is an "export" version and I couldn't tell you what it covers as I don't have one. Motobooks on eBay has a reproduction copy though I doubt you want to go that route again.When I first bought my car , I was looking for a 1924 service book and Dave Chambers, who knew everything 6 cyl Buick, informed me of the situation. Twenty one years later I have yet to see a '24 version but have the '25. I also suggest that you get a Dykes book from 1925 or 1926.. They are very useful .
  5. I'm guessing as I don't see it here that you know that there never was a 1924 Buick service manual. You have to use the 1925. There are individual parts books as already stated. I used to see them on eBay
  6. The model 24-45 was offered in black with ivory pinstripes only. No choice. Wheels were painted black and pinstriped.. Was for the last time the biggest seller for the year with around 48,000 made and they are still being found since they ran and ran. In 1925 Buick just sold over 5,000 of this model as buyers turned to closed cars.
  7. Had a 68 Electra Conv that I bought in another state. Widowed owner had only an ignition key so I couldn't look in truck. A friend of mine drove it home and we both thought there might be a body in there since she was so adamant that she had no key and wouldn't look in the house. I got the stereo for the car and when I was under the dash putting it in, there on the transmission tunnel under the front seat were a set of original keys with the numbers not punched out. I quickly hauled myself out to the trunk and viola ,,,,,,a set of used snow tires and the usual rot behind the rear tires. The tires still had salt on them. In my 1929 Buick which was taken off the road in 1947, I found a letter in the back seat cushion from the socialist party about an upcoming meeting. I didn't attend.
  8. I believe car above is a 1924 or 1925 and not a limo. Looking at the dash picture again leeds me to think it's a 1925 series 9. The car in the barn was bought by a dealer for about forty five grand or twice what it was worth at the time. It was cleaned up and is shown below. Since then a good deal of it was repainted, a new leather top put on, new tires. The last picture shows the car with the top down and some more restoration done.
  9. bubba

    Loco pics

    here are some more Loco pics that I found. Taken at Hershey sometime in the 90's. (sorry if I put these in the wrong place. Don't know how to fix it)
  10. This is the 24-45 with Rex enclosures on it taken in 1929 before the "greenhouse effect". The California top was not made to be taken on and off. You had to take the original top off to tack the California top on the rear of the car. The Rex has 6 panels , 4 that open with the doors and the rear on each side takes a screw through the body to hold it in. This is the only "damage" made to the original car. If I kept this car i wasn't sure if I would put them back on or not. They are pretty rare. As fate would have it I can't put the top down on my 25-45 because it's a great original and it would crack. This car was next bought by Dave Chambers of 6 cyl. Buick fame. I wrote an article ,"My two 45's" in the Bugle a few years ago if you're interest is peaked.
  11. The car was sold at the A K Miller auction in Vermont. Anybody who knows about the auction will tell you how things went for crazy prices at the time. I went up there with a friend , a flatbed, and cash to bring my prize home. Spoke to several Loco guys there who informed me of what price it should go for. I never even got to raise my hand. Went for twice the estimate. It was all original and it was bought by a dealer, cleaned up and appeared at Hershey. Since then it went to private owners and more dealers with each one doing something else to it. I believe the last owner rebuilt the engine then sold it. The rear interior is still original. Will post more pics when I find them.
  12. Guys and Gals Captain Ahab here and this is my Moby Dick. It's been eluding me for over twenty years. This is the first sighting I got of the giant car. Over the years I have been tracking him but the elusive vehicle never made it to my garage due to one thing or another. I sat in him once as he mocked me but alas it wasn't meant to be. Now he's out there on some road who knows where as I lost track of him after his last sale. Perhaps his owner is reading this now. I'll post other pictures but first you may stare at this one as I still do just thinking that someday...........
  13. I had a 24-45 that had a Rex top put on it from new but was removed when the car was sold in 1931. The owner made a little green house out of it. The difference between Rex and California tops is that the Rex top uses the original top and the pieces are attached to the doors that hold the glass windows in a frame. The California top doesn't use the original top. It has a full size "hard top" that attaches to the car. This is from what I've seen over my years. I had brand new set of Rex enclosures in the crate which I sold. bubba
  14. Yes John, nice car. I've been looking for a Loco town car/ limo for years now. I managed not to buy one as it seems that they always have some kind of problem. In the mean time I have pictures of some and a collection of catalogs for the model 48. The first car posted here was for sale in the St Louis area if my memory is correct. I don't know where it went to but maybe someone here knows. I think it's a 48 made around 1927.
  15. My 25-45 has the original water tube and it's nickel plated.
  16. Problem solved ....almost. The tag is 30109 which is a 1930 model 61 sedan. The dash is 1930, fenders, bumpers, everything but the one thing I see that might be 1932 is the Buick bar badge between the headlights. The 1930 has a thinner bar that is straight and the Buick logo is smaller. Not exactly sure of this. Would need better picture. The car isn't even close to being a 1932. I had a 32-90 this is no 32 90 especially not a limo. I passed up a beautiful original 31-90 7 pass for 18 grand several years ago. They are nice riding cars.
  17. Next time you go "Back to the future" take a good look at Biff's 46 Ford convertible in the chase scene around the town square where it ends up in the horse manure. Seems they used two cars and one has front parking lights and one does't. Not a Ford guy but I'm guessing the one with lights is a 47. They cut back and forth between them. I'm also a TCM junkie and it seems that movies made in the 30's didn't really care about continuity. There are several chase scenes in gangster pics where they go from a long shot to a close up where one of the cars change.
  18. For those of you that want to know an easy way to tell a smaller Buick series from the larger ones just look for the water manifold on the drivers side of the engine. In this case it doesn't have one which means it just has a pipe from the front of the head right into the top of the radiator. That makes this a model 58 as the 50 series was the small one in 1932. If it was a larger series there would be a pipe from the top of the radiator to the back of the engine with two pipes coming down to the top of the head. These have a way of rotting on the inside and usually pick the hottest day to spring a leak. If you have one of these that has never been replaced suggest you do it or at least carry a spare in your trunk or under your seat. My 25 Buick has the original but I live life dangerously , no spare . I carry a roll of duct tape.
  19. Never assume anything especially as to a collector getting rid of anything. The good news is that I still have it. The bad news is that I have since moved and it's now in storage. I will be digging it out in the next few months. Do you have a 24-51? I do have a few parts for it.
  20. I recognized this as Sandy's car right away but I never thought he would sell it. I'm so sorry to hear of his passing . We used to correspond a lot as I had a 1932 90. It's been a few years since we last linked up. I knew he lost his brother. Wow ...I'm shocked.
  21. This is a 24-45 with a set of Rex enclosures on it. I used to own this car and it's now being restored by its' new owner. The windows are glass and they slide. I think this 25-25 car might have them. If so he removed the ones on the front door. The picture shows the 24-45 car in 1929. I wrote an article in the Bugle about it. I'm glad to see more interest in the tourings from this period.
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