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  1. Thank you both for your words of wisdom, i will try all of the above, in the order which makes the most sense, has been fun working on this car, i,ll keep you posted on the progress, thanks Mark A. Weisenborn 1919 buick touring 1949 chevy pickup 1953 packard clipper 1968 firebird conv.
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    thanks to all the help that i recieved here and elsewhere, we finally got the 1919 buick running, and it sounds great, the clutch plate was stuck so fixed that and took it for a short spin down the road was so exciting, a few more issues still need to be resolved though and wondered if anyone had any suggestions. I put fuel in the black canister near the carb, and can get it started, sometimes it starts right away other times have fits getting it started, the gold knob on the dash, which has hot, cold, choke is stuck, wont turn i assume because it is stuck in the carb, but i can pull it tow
  3. Thanks Mark i will give egge.com a try, it has been fun working on this car, which was my dads, and looking forward to driving it in the spring,,,,,, if all goes well!!!!
  4. Hi, after much help i realized, the bent rods were a by product of stuck valves, have sent the connecting rods out to local shop to be straightened, and have removed the stuck valves, and in the process damaged some of the springs, can the springs be found or should, i have new ones made to match the existing. Any sugestions , and as always, thanks in advance. Mark
  5. hi bubba, i stopped trying to turn the engine when i noticed two out of the twelve rods going down the starter/gen. side are noticable bent. i have taken a picture and sent it to this comp. and could e-mail it to you if interested, i hope i havent created a big problem with this car?
  6. first off thAnks to all who replied to my earlier question. i turn the ignition on and hear the starter turning, but when i engage it i can see the fan turn about two inches and thats all i get, i have taken out the plugs, and squited some oil in each cylinder, plugs are still out, can turn over with hand crank, but not easliy, also put a charge on the battery, it came out of my 53 packard, and started it just fine last week, thanks in advance for any suggestions mark in ohio
  7. oooops, dumb question, i assume this is a positive ground system, but the battery cables didnt fit quite right, makes me wonder
  8. thanks dan, i turned on the starter, and it turns like you say, but when i push on the floor button to engage the starter nothing happens. I stopped and got out the socket for starting it by hand crank, and the motor rolls over but very grudgingly, only turned it about 1/8th, im thinking i should do like bubba said and pull the plugs, and put some oil, or transmission fluid in each cylinder, by the way i am in ohio, thanks again, mark
  9. Thank you so very much,for the advice, i am on luch break so will make this short and sweet, the car has been sitting and hasent run for about 5 yrs. My brother and i seem to remember dad pulling off the valve covers and putting oil on a cloth pad looking thing frequently, is this how your car is. I have lights and strong horn and hear the turning sound, when i flip the ignition switch on, but bumped the starter, and it didnt turn over, will check after dinner to see if motor is free by hand,thanks again for your help, will most undoubtably be in touch
  10. Thank you for the information john mark
  11. I have a 1919 buick 45 touring, my dad used to drive, he has alzheimers, and cant remember the way to start it, i remember he used to flip up the ignition switch, and set the spark lever, but little more than that, can anyone help me with the proper way to start this car, much obliged
  12. we have a 1919 buick touring 45 in our family, dad was the only to ever drive it, and he has alzheimers, and doesnt remember how to start it, i'm trying to get it going ,but dont know how either, any help. thanks
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