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'29 Series 116 on eBay

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I had a 29-20 two door sedan that had a green interior and a green body with black fenders. This is a 29-27 that would have been painted the same way.

The cars also came with a blue interior and blue/black exterior. Under the windows there is a space where there was a different shade of blue or green painted.

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From what I have seen for the model 51, there were 3 colour schemes - green, blue, or brown - I'd have to look for the exact names of colours. Anyway, they were all two tone with a main body colour and I'm guessing the dark colour went on the fenders / running board areas and possibly up top as well. I found some green underneath the blue/gray on my car, so I think mine looks like Lind Coop's car - photo taken from the BCA Member's Gallery page.


My car has had at least one repaint, so I'm wondering if the darker colour is in all the right spots. Comparing the two, mine has the darl colour on the door frames whereas Lind's doesn't.


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